Uorfi Javed’s New Look Is A Weird Tribute To Cinderella That We Definitely Do Not Approve Of!

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Uorfi Javed’s bizarre fashion experiments seem to have no bounds. From wearing an inverted shirt to risking her life in sky-high heels, each day Javed tells us how functional fashion can easily be made dysfunctional. Through all of her instagram posts, Javed creates this sense of curiosity amongst fans, who eagerly wait to click on the next reel. Javed’s new video has us as amazed as the previous one was. 


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Vibing to the tunes of Akshay & IP’s latest rendition of “Kaala sha kaala,”  Javed posed in a half-nude outfit featuring glitter bikini shorts. What surprised netizens were two legs, dressed up with black stockings and a pair of beige platform heels, that served as the top in her look. Captioning the look as–”If the shoe fits Cinderella,” Javed’s latest fashion experiments brought another subject of conversation to the picture. 

Reacting to this video, fans expressed their disappointment and trolled her as per usual. While some enquired whose legs she shot with, some others questioned what kind of fashion is it. Well, if you ask us, we’re a tad disappointed by this one too. 

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