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Trump Tweets ‘Covfefe’ And The Internet Is Having A Field Day With It!

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With every breath that American President Donald Trump takes, the internet finds a way to amuse itself. And as always, he has become the centre of mockery on Twitter, all by his own doing. (I mean, is there any other way?)

Last night, at around 12:06 am to be precise, he tweeted, “Despite the constant negative press covfefe”. Yup, that’s it. The whole world waited for him to complete the sentence and fix the typo, because he obviously meant coverage and not ‘covfefe’, but nope, hours passed by and the tweet just sat there, meaningless, battling an existential crisis.

We are pretty sure that the President of the United States dozed off after that weird tweet (which could quite possibly be a routine affair, come to think of it). Anyhoo, he woke up at around 6 am, realised his goof up, and finally deleted the tweet.

But the damage was already done and in a desperate measure to save it, he tweeted:



Such wow. Much amaze, Mr Trump. *slow clap*

Then it was up to the internet to do what it does best — go all out with ’em memes and tweets. Seriously, he united people across social media platforms in various countries.

Go ahead, check out the responses and get your laughter quota for the day. To add some serious burn to the already hilarious conversation, his arch rival for the Presidential campaign Hillary Clinton even said out loud on a TV show that she thought “it was a secret message to the Russians!”
















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