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Trends Every Fashionista Was Addicted To In 2016

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You might not have all of these in your closet, but we’re pretty sure you’ve tried at least a few. 2016 was a good year when it came to fashion and trends. A few new ideas, a whole lot regurgitated from the past, and some spilled over from last year.

We’re pretty sure everyone went ahead and bought a choker this year, and teamed it up with their favourite slip dress. The sneaker is still everyone’s go-to choice of shoes, and that athleisure trend we all love doesn’t seem to be going anywhere either.

While most of these will definitely move into 2017, I’m really hoping some stop here (I’m looking at you off-shoulder tops!)

Keep scrolling to see all the trends we were addicted to in 2016!


When I last counted, the number of off-shoulder tops and dresses in my closet reached to about 12. Think it’s time for me to stop? I think so, yes!



Spotted fairly recently, the all-velvet-everything trend is something everyone could get on board with. You could have velvet tops, dresses, skirts, sneakers, and even chokers. The fabric makes anything look instantly formal.


Metallic Skirts

You’ll agree when I say that this one’s perfect for the holidays and even better for NYE. Metallic skirts are pretty, can be edgy, and even sexy, if yours has a slit on one side.


Bomber Jackets

The trend stuck so well, there are bomber jackets available at pretty much any high-street fashion store you step into. And yes, there’s so much variety, you’ll definitely get one that fits your personality.



What can I say about chokers that hasn’t already been said? The ’90s trend crept into our wardrobes and on our necks and tbh, I’m not ready to let it go just yet.


The Slip Dress

Whoever invented this trend, can I just say I love you? The great thing about a slip dress is that you can wear it as is and it’ll look sexy. Wear it with a jacket, still sexy. Wear it with a t-shirt inside (because sometimes you just don’t have time to wax) and it still works. Versatile enough? Hell yes!


Experimental Denims

Basic jeans seemed to have undergone an overhaul this year. From adding cute patches, to holographic sequins, and fun words, your basic jeans definitely got a 2016 makeover.



A pretty generic trend, sheer fabrics came back this year in a slightly edgier way. Think sheer dresses, jackets, and even trousers.

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