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The Only Kind Of Floral Earrings Zahra Wants To Wear

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I’m not much of a traditional Indian girl. In the sense that I find wearing Indian clothing quite a pain (dupattas are the bane of my existence!). Instead, I prefer fluid garments in interesting cuts for everyday wear. Even when I’m dressing for formal occasions that call for traditional clothing, I’m hard pressed to find something that suits my sensibilities and is both easy and comfortable. So what you’ll always find me doing is getting my Indian wear stitched by a tailor to my exacting specifications (easy, flowing cuts, light fabrics, solid colours, not too much embellishments, preferably no dupatta). This makes it really easy to then dress up my outfit with statement accessories.

And yes, I’m a total accessory fiend. I love collecting jewellery that’s interesting to the eye — be it traditional Indian designs or otherwise. I love costume jewellery over fine jewellery because they’re easier to wear and to maintain (I’m a total klutz and couldn’t live with the thought of losing/damaging diamonds!), and Suhani Pittie is one of my favourite Indian jewellery designers.


Suhani Pittie Flower Drop Earrings_Inpost_Hauterfly

Suhani Pittie Flower Drop Earrings


The Hyderabad-based designer is known for creating some truly stunning pieces that are visual treats thanks to her cunning handiwork, making her my go-to designer every time I’m looking to buy something that will make a statement without breaking the bank. Recently, while shopping for a friend’s wedding, I came across these lovely drop earrings that I was looking to pair an all-black ensemble with.

The 22k gold-plated floral drop earrings have dainty pearl embellishments leading into the dramatic unfurling petals on the bottom, making for a delicate yet head-turning design. What’s more, they’re not too big nor too small — just the perfect length to make a statement without being too loud. Exactly the kind of jewellery pieces I love!

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