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10 Style Hacks To Help You Look Slimmer Instantly!

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How many times have you stepped out of a trial room and asked your shopping companion, Does this make me look fat? While we quite love our curves, we’re all on a quest to find something that makes them look sexier, isn’t it? In fact, a lot of us have that one go-to piece of clothing that we know makes us look a few kilos lighter. But we cannot always rely on that. That’s where a few style tips to look slimmer might come in handy!

From the right silhouette to the perfect inner wear, here are 10 pro styling tips to help you look slimmer. Go on, turn those frumpy days into fab ones without any diet or workout!

1. Invest in good shapewear 

You have probably seen a lot of bloggers on your Insta feed advertise shapewear and corsets, and the Kardashians swear by Spanx too! But the thing is, they actually do work. The right shapewear can smooth out all your bulges, making you look slimmer and sharper.

2. Pick the right hem and fit 

When it comes to dressing yourself to look slimmer, the fit of your clothing is key. It is a popular myth that wearing something oversized will make you look slimmer. That is, in fact, untrue. On the contrary, it adds more weight and makes you look bigger. At the same time, small does not always mean slimmer. Anything too tight will also highlight your problem areas.

Try tops and jackets with longer hems, if you carry weight around your abdominal area. For bottoms, pick jeans and trousers that hit you right at the ankle, and style them with a pair of heels to create the illusion of longer legs.

3. When in doubt, go with an all-black look 

The oldest trick in the book is to wear all-black. It is a universally known fact that black is a flattering colour and makes everyone look slimmer. Wearing head-to-toe black is also the chicest option, approved by Victoria Beckham!

4. Maxi skirts for the win! 

If you have a heavier lower body, then make the maxi skirt your best friend. It gives the illusion of slender and longer legs. Choose a solid colour in a darker hue instead of a printed one. Pair it with a structured tee tucked in, or add a jacket to make the look sharper, so you are not drowning in fabric.

5. Make high-waisted outfits your best friend 

When we say high waist, we don’t mean super tight fitting high-waist jeans or skirts. Instead, pick a fabric that has a little elasticity to it, so your garment itself acts like subtle shapewear, hugging your curves right. The high waist also gives you a slender, leaner and longer look. Also, if you wear your high waist bottoms with a crop top it shows your upper-waist, which is the tiniest part of most women’s bodies.

6. Opt for vertical stripes

Vertical stripes create long lines, and make you look slimmer and taller by giving the illusion of length. However, stripes too can go wrong if not styled right. A striped dress, for instance, can make you look wider, but a well-fitted striped shirt or a pair of striped trousers would work!

7. Cinch with skinny belts 

Cinching your waist can instantly create the appearance of a tinier waist. But why a skinny belt, you ask? Well, the answer is simple; a thick belt can draw unnecessary attention to your waist, and instead of creating the illusion of a slender waist , it can make you look short and stumpy.

8. Invest in a good pair of high heels

It is given that a pair of heels will make you look taller. But not just that. It also lifts the body and makes clothes fall better, giving you a slimmer appearance. Pick a pointed-toe thin heel with a bit of a toe cleavage, that is if you can manage to walk in them!

9. Layer, Layer, Layer! 

An open jacket worn over your outfit can also have a slimming effect, as it instantly cuts off extras from the sides and makes you look leaner.

10. Colour blocking 

Another cool trick to look slimmer is to work with vertical colour-blocking. Pick tops or dresses that have darker hues in the centre and lighter hues on the outside, it pulls your curves in, making you look slimmer.

That’s all folks! These simple tricks take those extra inches right off you and make you look slimmer. No diet needed!


Fashion enthusiast by birth, shopaholic by nature, and makeup maven by choice, Shikha serves you your daily dose of everything style and beauty, with a sprinkle of fabulousness!

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