Statement Brooches Are All The Rage This Season

As a child, I remember being forever intrigued by the traditional jewellery my granny would wear whenever I’d visit her during the summer. When I asked my mother if I would inherit any, she’d never fail to give me a withering look, as if to say, “Wait in line, darling!” But I digress.

For my elegant grandmother, the one piece of jewellery that continues to hold major appeal in her traditional ensemble is a brooch — a sort-of blingy ornament, usually floral, which she makes my aunt pin to her garment. Apart from the fact that it perfectly completes her look, it is also quite stunning.

So when the humble brooch was declared one of Fall 2015’s major accessory trends (spotted on the ramps at Balenciaga, Prada and Dolce & Gabbana), I totally did a happy jig. Like I mentioned in this piece recently, I love the trend; brooches can be crazy statement pieces, but they can also be incredibly elegant. It’s amazing how such a little piece can amp up a boring look. Even celebrities are getting in on the action, with Alia Bhatt spotted a number of times wearing one fairly recently. Brooches are pretty versatile too. Fasten it on a simple Peter Pan-collared dress or just the lapel of your work shirt and add a serious dose of style to a regular outfit.

Here’s a look at some of my favourite picks this season.  



Zara Gem Brooch (Rs 990)

Amrapali Borris Brooch_Hauterfly

Manish Arora for Amrapali Borris Brooch (Rs 10,600)

Blur Brooch_Hauterfly

Blur Store Brooch (Rs 180)

Tadpole Store Tear drop pearly brooch_Hauterfly

Tadpole Store Tear Drop Pearly Brooch (Rs 750)

Bhane Squirrel Brooch_Hauterfly

Bhane Squirrel Brooch (Rs 800)

ASOS Oasis Pave Arrow Brooch_Hauterfly

Oasis Pave Arrow Brooch (Rs 1,108)

Bombay Electric Pucker Brooch_Hauterfly

Felix Bendish Pucker Brooch (Rs 2,100)

Valliyan By Nitya Stone Brooch_Hauterfly

Valliyan By Nitya Brooch (Rs 4,200)

ASOS Krystal Swarovski Crystal Vintage Style Brooch_Hauterfly

ASOS Swarovski Crystal Vintage Style Brooch (Rs 3,667)

Prerto Estoc_Hauterfly

Prerto Estoc Brooch (Rs 3,200)

Pataaka Chic Comma Signs Collar Tips Brooch1_Hauterfly

Pataaka Inverted Quotes Brooch (Rs 399)

Ogaan Sonia Rykiel Heart Brooch_Hauterfly

Ogaan Sonia Rykiel Heart Brooch (Rs 15,050)

Simi Kuriakose

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