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Someone Made A Wedding Dress Made Of 1500 Discarded Masks…And It’s Beautiful

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Ever since the pandemic started, most people feel like shopping, because you know retail therapy. But we also don’t know what to buy. I want to buy dresses but there are still a few in my wardrobe that till date never saw the light of the day. I want to buy heels but where do I walk to, my kitchen? So here I am, just buying night suits and masks. So while everyone is buying and discarding masks, a model wore a wedding dress made entirely of discarded masks. People really do make best out of waste and here we are with our failed attempts at “fixing” a fuckboi.

British designer Tom Silverwood felt there has been too much waste generated from discarded masks. With an aim of bringing the issue to light, Silverwood went ahead and made a wedding dress out of 1500 discarded masks. He used recycled PPE kit around the waist to define it better. “Super proud of this dress I designed and made in collaboration with @hitcheduk! We upcycled 1500 face masks into this beautiful wedding dress to celebrate ‘freedom day’ on July 19th in the UK as lockdown eases,” Silverwood captioned the images.

Hitched, a wedding planning service funded the project and it was exhibited at a shoot in London. The project also pointed out how disposable PPE kits create so much waste. Apparently, 100 million disposable masks are discarded in UK alone every week.

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It’s not likely that most brides will go for a wedding dress made from disposable masks. However, it is a very thoughtful project that is highlighting an aspect of the pandemic that is largely going unnoticed. It’s important we use reusable masks as much as possible. And while this is here to stay, maybe there should be better disposing of PPE kits, masks and other medical waste.

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