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Now Shop At Delhi’s Sarojini Nagar From The Comfort Of Your Home

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Delhi’s Sarojini Nagar market is iconic for every fashionista worth her salt. Shopping for chic, stylish clothes at super cheap prices is a dream come true for most of us. No wonder this is a Mecca for all shoppers.

And now, a good man called Mohammed Ali has taken upon himself to start a website and bring the clothes from Sarojini Nagar online. Yes, that’s right. Sarojini Nagar has gone online and it is literally called ‘Online Sarojini Nagar‘!

The site is very basic and easy to navigate, and clothes from various vendors from the market are on display. And, as expected, most of the stuff has already been sold out. Come on, a dress worth 200 bucks cannot be sitting there forever, no? Go on the website now and grab whatever is left! ASAP.

This is great news for people living in other parts of the country, as even they (and me) can shop from this famous shopping destination. This also means you can avoid the heat, the crowds, and the long walks through winding streets — and yet, the clothes will be at your doorstep. Yay.

It is only a matter of time that other street shopping vendors find business online, which is proof that the world indeed is going digital.

Talking about Sarojini Nagar, you have to re-watch Mallika Dua’s epic video about the place. You just have to.



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