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Sabyasachi’s New Bridal Campaign Includes Gorgeous Plus-Size Models But The Designs Are Not Realistic!

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It is always a treat when brand Sabyasachi takes to Instagram to showcase a new project they’ve been working on. Sabya’s collections, and the story that goes with them, have become more than just another bridal fashion drop. They are a cultural event. With women deeply invested in what the brand’s messaging has to say, the Sabyasachi handle coaxes many stories and personal revelations from women. Sometimes the brand’s messaging is controversial, other, just a pure celebration of women. Regardless of the response, it is never ever boring!

Just yesterday, we got another visual treat from the brand. This time they are presenting their new Winter 2019 bridal collection ‘Charbagh’. The collection was styled with a new line of bridal jewellery courtesy the Sabyasachi Heritage Collection.

Talking about the collection, Sabyasachi Mukherjee said, “I’m often asked—‘Who is the Sabyasachi bride?’ And I always say, ‘Everyone’. As a brand, we try to be as democratic in our offering as possible, at least in terms of our sensibilities. I do not think any sensibility is a wrong one, be it earthy, traditional, subdued, or embellished, as long as it’s done with the right intent and a certain bit of finesse and refinement. Charbagh, four gardens of blooms nourished by one source, is a bridal collection that talks about four distinct trends or sensibilities, making room for every bride’s dreams.”

We love the new campaign featuring a diverse set of models representing the broad spectrum where women’s sizes and shapes fall in. From petite to plus, this size-inclusive campaign is powerful and fresh. We wish more bridal shoots featured plus-sized models, than just being relegated to the space of “real brides”.

Having said that, we do have some qualms about the intricacies of the clothing. Women of the plus-sized community have called it out for being unrealistic. The fit of the blouses on the plus sized model look uncomfortable and off. The fact that the designs were seamlessly fitted on slender models but looked choppy on a bustier woman is a valid concern. The shots have also been called out for their unrealistic designs. The deep plunge on the ‘Isfahan’ collection was deemed as “under boob hell” by a user! That the blouse’s design doesn’t lend itself to any movement of the hands was a another concern women had. You don’t want to end up flashing someone at your own wedding. It’s true, you have to walk a mile in someone’s shoes before you can know them. We appreciate the brand’s message, but maybe there’s still a long way to go in creating offerings for plus-size women that actually work.

Brand Sabyasachi’s has its work cut out when it comes to having a voice in the Indian Bridal industry. They are not far off, since the model can be seen in a very well fitted and flattering blouse in the same campaign. We, personally, love the uber sensual turn the classic Sabyasachi bride has taken!

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Brand Sabyasachi also managed to shun its naysayers with this new campaign. Back in March was the first time they featured plus-sized model Varshita Thatavarthi for their women’s day post. The post as called out for being offensive and pandering, using the model as a token of inclusivity. But it seems like the brand is working towards a new way of fashioning their bridal collections, and we think it’s going to be beautiful!

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Psst…did you know that the models love to rock some denim shots under their gorgeous Sabyasachi lehengas? Check out some BTS scenes shared by the brand while shooting the ‘Charbagh’ campaign!

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