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#TuesdayShoesday: 10 Rain-Friendly Shoes That Are The Perfect Monsoon Fit

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The monsoons are here and how. While we’ve been getting mini greetings from the shower gods from the beginning of this month, those itty bitty drizzles are quickly escalating into raging raindrops.

As mentioned before, I am a sucker for the rains — especially those days when I just want to snuggle indoors. Unfortunately, getting a seasonal monsoon ticket to skip work is not quite an option.

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Besides romance, this season also lugs around its baggage of yucky, dirty, mucky, sucky conditions during and post the rains.

If you’re living in a city, you’ll know that the rain water you waddle through, day in and day out, isn’t the freshest (or cleanest) of the lot — which means, all that fabulous and expensive stuff you usually prance around in, needs to be locked away till the weather dries up.

Nothing feels worse than accidentally stepping into a massive puddle or having a second shower as a car runs over a road doused in water — you end up being a soggy toast at the end of the day (or the start…the rain doesn’t care for your plans).

That’s why monsoons come with their own little backpack of elements, which you really need to substitute your essentials with, and one main part of it is a great pair of footwear (or more!).

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Walking around with waterlogged shoes that may pretty much fall apart, thanks to the sogginess, isn’t feasible during this season. You are going to need something that is sustainable as the rains get harsher and, of course, is stylish!

Taking forward the concept of the classic rubber chappals during the monsoons, here are 10 rain shoes to up your style game this season, while keeping your feet dry. Practical and totally weather appropriate, slip your feet into any of these babies and you won’t really regret stepping into that pool of muck.

Who knew dancing in the rain didn’t have to come with the price of ruining your shoes, eh?


Monsoon Shoes _AJIO Running shoes_Hauterfly

AJIO Flat Jelly Shoes With Laces (Rs 750)

Monsoon Shoes_ MELISA Solar+Salinas _Hauterfly

Melissa Solar + Salinas (Rs 1,500)

Monsoon Shoes_ASOS FREEMAN Jelly Gladiator Flat Sandals_Hauterfly

Asos Freeman Jelly Gladiator Flat Sandals (Rs 1,144 approx)

Monsoon Shoes_Black Holster_Hauterfly

Holster Rainbow Embellished Jelly Flats (Rs 750)

Monsoon Shoes_BOOHOO Millie Cut Work Jelly Sandal_Hauterfly

Boohoo Millie Cutwork Jelly Sandals (Rs 981 approx)

Monsoon Shoes_Holster_Hauterfly

Holster Bejewelled Jelly Flats (Rs 2,499)

Monsoon Shoes_Jeffery Campbell Jelly Slide_Hauterfly

Jeffery Campbell Jelly Slide Sandal (Rs 3,106 approx)

Monsoon Shoes _AJIO Running shoes_Hauterfly

Kate Spade New York Yellow T-Strap Jelly Sandal (Rs 6,771)

Monsoon Shoes _AJIO Running shoes_Hauterfly

London Rebel Textured Jelly Slides (Rs 1,798)

Steve Madden Saba Flats (Rs 1,499)


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