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Instagram Adds A Sponsor Tag For Influencers To Disclose Paid Posts

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I think it’s safe to say that if one social media platform introduces a new update, at least one other has to follow suit. And now when Facebook has introduced the gif icon in its comments, Instagram is testing a new tag called Paid Partnership.

It is being introduced for precisely 2 reasons, a) helping users distinguish between what is paid content and what is original, and b) helping companies and sponsors keep track of the posts to help with their analytics.


Instagram Sponsor Tag_Hauterfly


As announced on Instagram’s business blog, the feature will soon roll out for a selected number of content creators and they will have to follow specific guidelines.

Till now, there wasn’t any specific method to track these posts, but henceforth, the insights will show a clearer picture.


Instagram Sponsor Tag_Hauterfly


Currently, the tag is being tested with Buzzfeed and fashion blogger Aimee Song. This feature also comes after FTC (Federal Trade Commission) sent letters to around 90 influencers in April to clearly specify which of their content is sponsored.

Only time will tell whether this will encourage users to interact with a particular brand or lose interest in it altogether.


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