10 Chic Work Handbags That Aren’t Black

10 Chic Work Handbags That Aren’t Black

All of us fashion girls go through that phase where we want to replace our trusty black handbag for something a little more fun…and colourful. But workplace fashion rules usually tell you otherwise. Whoever said black is the only colour for your 9-to-5 carry-all doesn’t know what she is talking about. We do agree that black is a chic go-to colour for most girls, but if your reason is because it’s the only colour that goes with everything, allow us to prove you wrong. Take a look at these amazing bags and tell us you’re to itching to add some colour into your wardrobe right away. Here are my top 10 stylish day bags with not a hint of black in sight. (Bonus: Watch your colleagues turn green with envy.)



Zara Plain Bucket Bag (Rs 1,890)

Forever New DELTA FORMAL DAY BAG_Hauterfly

Forever New Delta Formal Day Bag (Rs 3,600)

Elespry Blue Polyurethane (Pu) Handbag_Hauterfly

Elespry Blue Handbag (Rs 3,150)

ASOS Glamorous Large Hobo Shoulder Bag_Hauterfly

Glamorous Large Hobo Bag (Rs 4,504)


Charles & Keith Large Scarf Detail Handbag (Rs 7,276)

Mango ZIP TOTE BAG_Hauterfly

Mango Zip Tote Bag (Rs 2,290)

River Island Pink double sided tote handbag_Hauterfly

River Island Double-Sided Tote (Rs 6,001 approx)

Zooomberg Green Twist Lock PU Shoulder Bag_Hauterfly

Zooomberg Shoulder Bag (Rs 2,949)


Charles & Keith Drawstring Handbag (Rs 7,276)

Phive Rivers LEATHER TOTE BAG_Hauterfly

Phive Rivers Leather Tote Bag (Rs 6,000)

Simi Kuriakose

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