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Japleen Has Her Formal Game On Point With This Sleek Bag

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I am not a particularly fashion-forward person, and literally owe all of the little bit of knowledge I have to my lovely team and the work I do. Earlier, I would walk in at work, wearing track pants with messy hair, and not care one ounce about what people think.

I still don’t, but what has changed is how I perceive my own appearance. Now, I feel good about dressing up, putting on a little make up, and buying something for my wardrobe, at least once a month. And this month’s splurge was for a bag.

Why? Because I realised that my 3-year-old college bag just wouldn’t do anymore, especially when I have to attend official meetings and events. I *needed* and not just wanted a bag that would make people take me seriously and treat me like an adult. Mind you, my colleagues think I am a kid (okay, that may have something to do with my behaviour, so I don’t blame them), and it’s time their perception changes…slightly.


Nappa Dori is a brand my editor loves, so I figured I would find something there. And how true that turned out to be! This newly-launched sleek, tan bag has me going crazy.

It has been designed to look like a vintage radio and that adds to the charm, don’t you think? Armed with 2 compartments, it’s definitely spacious enough to keep all my essentials safe and not lose its grip. With a sturdy sling attached to the leather body, carrying it around would be a flying task.

Seriously though, the colour is just too lovely, and all my boring work clothes may just be ignored in its presence!

SHOP NOW: Nappa Dori Tan Radio Bag (Rs 17,810 approx)


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