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Man Arrested For Sexually Assaulting 12 Women After Meeting Them On Matrimonial Apps. We Aren’t Safe Anywhere

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When we sign up on a matrimonial app, it is our default assumption that people who are on it are there to find their life partner. We believe this is it; this is where we will find the love of our life. After installing and uninstalling dating apps and realising they are brimming with people seeking casual romance, we turn to matrimonial apps for something serious. And yet, how naïve we are to believe it to be true for everyone?

It was just recently that a friend of mine told me how a guy in his office meets women on one of these matrimonial apps and hooks up with them. All this when he is married and has a kid. I mean, he is cheating on his wife and he is fooling these women who had sex with him under the impression that he loves them and wants to marry them. It is disgusting. My friend warned me that there are many people on these apps that aren’t genuine. I passed on the message to my girlfriend, who was co-incidentally talking to a guy who was commitment phobic and ironically signed up on a shaadi app.

It’s difficult to trust people in this era of kalyug, especially when someone’s intention is not evident in his behavior. Recently, the Navi Mumbai police arrested a 32-year-old mechanical engineer for the sexual assault of 12 women he met on matrimonial apps.

He wasn’t the creepy figure lurking in isolated, dark bylanes. This is an engineer, passed out from a reputed college and working in a big firm. On paper, he is the typical groom Indian families seek for their daughters. But turns out, he is a sexual offender who meets women with the intention to rape them and does so, as a matter of fact.

The accused, Mahesh alias Karan Gupta has created several fake profiles on matrimonial apps. He had a different SIM for each women and none of these were registered on his name. He would exchange numbers, meet at a pub or a restaurant and then sexually assault them during these meetings. He had worked as a hacker before and had used his tech knowledge to his advantage.

Deputy commissioner of police Suresh Mengade was quoted by India Today saying, “The accused used a different mobile number for every crime. He changed his SIM every time. Even to book cab rides using Ola or Uber, he would use different SIM cards and not the phone number registered in his name. He worked as a hacker some time ago and has good knowledge of computers. But he was using it in the wrong place.”

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The police said as of now they are aware of 12 victims however, there appears to be more. This is disgusting. We are forced to be vary of every man we meet because of such men and then we are accused of being distrusting of men. I mean, fix your kind before asking us to risk our safety.

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