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Malaika Arora’s Birthday Pictures Just Gave Us 5 Solid OOTD Ideas For Our Next Party

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A birthday party is as exciting to us now, as it was when we were 10. Especially when it’s our own. The act of shopping for a birthday dress is a religious experience and doesn’t lose its appeal ever. At 10, our birthday dresses were made up of big ruffles, pearly embellishments and A LOT of mesh detailing. In our 20s though, our inner “party girl” comes out in 6-inch heels once a year for her big day. And what does she wear? Something which becomes her highlight of the year. Much like the cake, a baker eats for their birthday, the dress is us in our element.

Thus went the always gorgeous Malaika Arora’s birthday bash last night as well. All the girls looked so nice in their cheeky dresses, fun separates, sexy shoes and much else. It is always so cool to catch these women on their downtime, just going to a pal’s birthday party. They probably picked outfits themselves, thus, allowing us to see their style without the filter of a stylist’s vision.

Malaika’s party came through with the glammed-up evening looks and gave us solid OOTD inspirations for our next party.

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Malaika’s Mirror Sequins

Going back to the birthday dress, Malaika looked ridiculously hot in hers! The mirror sequinned mini dress was on point with being the life of the party. Malaika’s style always resembles that of the quintessential “party girl”, with sultry silhouettes being the perfectly hugging her fit frame. Pro tip: If you want the birthday girl to stand out in her pictures, get her onto sequins and that’ll be enough!

Janhvi’s Hot Pink + Furry Heels

We love it every time Janhvi steps away from her flowy outfits and bursts open her pitara of mini dresses. This girl has given us a few, yet memorable moments in chic minis and we can relate…they never fail to make a statement. For Malaika’s birthday, Janhvi picked a hot pink glittery dress paired with furry sandals and we love the ‘bubblegum’ vibe of the look. Ananya Panday in tow with her LBD is totally adorable as well!

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Kareena’s Monochrome Moment

We can’t talk about best looks from Malaika’s birthday and not mention Kareena Kapoor Khan. Her take on the monochrome look will charm every girl who ever went through an “emo” phase in her teens. She looks like a grown-up and less morbid Wednesday Adams. We love the tangerine shoes!

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Pssst…we know where she got that skirt from!

Well done, Ladies!


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