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Cult Curators Will Be Every Accessory Lover’s Go-To Store

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It’s a great time for accessory lovers, thanks to a number of independent jewellery labels cropping up online; some edgy, some delicate and others catering to the minimalist. While it’s not difficult to locate chic options when it comes to jewellery, I’ve got to admit that most brands lack an edge when it comes to design. At times, you’re bound to find similar styles across various e-stores.

So if you’re like me and love jewellery but are looking for options that will make you stand out, Cult Curators is a new online store you should check out STAT. Co-founded by Aanchal Rathee and Sanjana Bhuwalka, the site curates some really cool jewellery from global designers and artists showcasing works that you’d be hard pressed to find on most Indian online stores.

We got in touch with co-founder Sanjana Bhuwalka and asked her what makes Cult Curators different. Sanjana says, “The reason we started Cult Curators is because we have a different approach to wearing accessories — it’s not just bold, different and eclectic, it’s also well-finished. And finding that combination isn’t easy. And while it is easy to find Indo-Western accessories that are interesting, finding unique designs that match Western outfits wasn’t easy. If you go through our collection, you’ll notice that it stands out from the regular blingy, shiny, gold and silver accessories seen on other sites. We also ensure that the process involved in producing the jewellery has a voice and a story to tell.”

From sustainable jewellery made out of recycled rubber to 3D-printed accessories — be it thread woven over metal or handmade tribal and ethnic rope jewellery — you’ll find something original and quirky that will complement your eclectic style!

Don’t believe us? Here’s a look at some of our favourite pieces from the site:


Cult Curators Rubber Aluminium Bib in Blue_Hauterfly

Rubber Aluminium Bib Necklace (Rs 4,000)

Cult Curators Pride Necklace_Hauterfly

Pride Necklace (Rs 7,500)

Cult Curators Super Nova Earrings_Hauterfly

Super Nova Earrings (Rs 3,600)

Cult Curators Zeal Layer Brooch_Hauterfly

Zeal Layer Brooch (Rs 2,500)

Cult Curators Side Cuff_Hauterfly

Cult Curators Side Cuff (Rs 4,200)

Cult Curators 3D Printed Earrings Fragments_Hauterfly

3D Printed Earrings Fragments (Rs 4,000)

Cult Curators Black Cuboid Ring_Hauterfly

Black Cuboid Ring (Rs 2,000)

Cult Curators Paris Skyline Necklace_Hauterfly

Paris Skyline Necklace (Rs 3,300)

Cult Curators Marcella Silk Bracelet_Hauterfly

Marcella Silk Bracelet (Rs 3,900)

Cult Curators Ochre Eco Fringe Earrings_Hauterfly

Ochre Eco-Fringe Earrings (Rs 3,600)


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