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Kylie Jenner’s Swimwear Line, Kylie Swim, Trashed For Its Bad Quality, Lack Of Inclusivity

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These days, thanks to social media, people are not afraid to call out brands for selling cheap quality clothes. And that’s what the customers of Kylie Swim have been doing. Kylie Jenner dropped her new swimwear line called Kylie Swim and the customers came swarming in to buy the suits. However, it’s safe to say that they were not happy. Customers have given their reviews and they are not great, to say the least.

On the September 17, Kylie Jenner’s swim line Kylie Swim became officially available for the public to buy. But when the customers bought the suits and tried them on, they were definitely not happy with the products and claimed that they were of bad quality.

Many of the customers complained about how sloppily the products were stitched, how thin the fabric was, how the suits were practically see-through, and how there were loose threads on the products. In fact, on TikTok, the #KylieSwim has been generating videos of a ton of people giving their own opinion about Kylie Jenner’s brand and its products.

Kylie Jenner in her debut swim line Kylie Swim has offered products ranging from bikinis to sarongs. And the price ranges from $45-$85. The one-pieces were on the more expensive side and that was those were the ones that disappointed the customers the most. 

One of the TikTok accounts owned by a business owner, Jessica Anderson, who has her own swim line, said in her review, “I am completely and totally disappointed that this is completely see-through. I’ve seen behind the scenes what it takes to produce swimwear, and the fact that no one caught this blows my mind. For me, it comes down to lack of integrity as a business owner and an entrepreneur.”

Customers of Kylie Jenner also took to Twitter to comment on the products of her company. Here are some of the tweets about Kylie Swim. 

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Honestly, it is really disappointing to know that someone who is rich and can afford to spend a few extra dollars on assuring that the quality of the product is good, has launched a swim line that is so disappointing. Kylie Jenner has yet not addressed the claims as she is busy launching Kylie Baby. Let’s see how that turns out to be. Hopefully not like Kylie Swim. 

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