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#FashionFaceOff: Kareena Kapoor Khan And Kiara Advani Are Doing Bright Monotones Just Right

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Fashion statements can sometimes be like legacies, passed down from a mother to a daughter or even a teacher to their students. We learn a lot from the women who have been in the game long before us. It is part of our fabric as women — sharing lessons, tricks, tips, and secrets with our ladies in order to enrich their lives. One young starlet who has been making the most of being in the presence of a style goddess is Kiara Advani. The actress has been promoting her next film Good Newwz with Kareena Kapoor Khan and looks like Bebo’s fashion is rubbing off on her.

Bebo had given us one of our favourite Summer looks this year when she tucked a sexy bodysuit in a pair of fitted trousers and looked like a honey-dipped treat! The Begum’s cool monotone outfit needed no zhuzh ups other than sleek sunnies and that left us impressed to no end. I myself spent at least a third of my salary on stacking up easy-to-wear bodysuits and they kept me very happy all season.

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Which brings us to Kiara’s monotone Atsu Khose jumpsuit from yesterday. The one-shoulder style is very reminiscent of Bebo’s look from April this year and we love the seasonal update she added to the look. A sly throwback to the neon trend that made a raging statement this year, a bright monotone jumpsuit is just what you might need to lance through gloomy winter mornings. It also serves as a great canvas on which you can throw in a blazer or a contrast jacket to take your look from the boardroom to the bar. And with those cat-eye sunnies like Bebo’s, Kiara is doing a damn good job at pulling off this look.

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We are honestly a bit ‘peanut-butter-and-jealous’ of Kiara to be working in such close proximity to Bebo. Kareena has been one star whose style we’ve adored this year. Her penchant for experimenting with unique looks, switching between top stylists and her bold sartorial choices has been such fun to watch. We are glad that it’s manifesting itself in Kiara’s fashion game as well, which has improved so much on this film’s promotions as opposed to the last. Yay for sisterhood!

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