From Akshata Murty To Bangladeshi PM Sheikh Hasina, Women Embracing Indian Fashion At The G20 Summit

A political fashion statement!

At the G20 summit this year, India welcomed international delegates to the special occasion. Fashion-forward leaders embraced style through silk, sarees and prints. A glimpse of this was visible when UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and First Lady Akshata Murty walked down the staircase of their aircraft and landed in India. Ever since, Murthy’s style found instant recognition amongst Indian media. Besides her, popular female leaders from across the globe embraced Indian fashion for dinners and Palam. Look at our favourite moments here.

Akshata Murty’s Personal Style 

First Lady UK paid homage to her Indian routes and packed a bunch of silk skirts, printed dresses and Indian designer creations. During her time in India, Murty provided some scenic sights for fashion enthusiasts in cotton sarees, kurta sets and hand-embroidered skirts. Alongside Murty, her husband and UK Prime Minister–Rishi Sunak, resorted to ink blue suits, combined with orange ties and white shirts. 


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Sheikh Hasina’s Saree Affair 

Bangladesh’s Prime Minister was another well-dressed female leader at the summit. Sheikh Hasina’s marvellous collection of sarees included a bunch of embroidered sarees. From blush pink, chikankari-laden drapes to pearl necklaces and crisp details, the Bangladeshi Prime Minister blended fashion from her native land and India. 


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Speaking In Sarees

Besides Sheikh Hasina’s saree collection, other world leaders and Indian representatives brought the saree under the spotlight. From Japan’s First Lady–Yuko Kishida in a silk saree to Mauritius PM’s wife Kobita in a tidy white saree, world leaders and the wives of the world’s most powerful men embraced Indian textiles, and colours and paid tribute to the cultural fashion. 


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Men In Blue 

While women resorted to sarees to make a political statement, men wore their usual blue and black pantsuits. From Joe Biden and Rishi Sunak to the African Union chairman, everyone has dressed in crisp formals. Blue and black blazers took centre stage through the wardrobes of these world leaders. 

The G20 summit has been the most talked about event in the past few weeks. Conversations about one family, one earth, Indian traditions and world leaders chatting under the same roof made it to headlines. 

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