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Instagram Vs Reality: Why Are Our Young Celebrities Failing to Turn Out Fabulous Looks In Real Life?

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It’s 2019 and everybody agrees on one thing: building an intriguing Instagram account is essential for a celebrity. No matter how much we disagree with this trope, sadly it has become a reality for most young actors. You have to be an influencer, on top of being good at your job. The pressure is immense. But keeping up with your own Instagram personality can be daunting. We’ve always called out the excessive photoshop on magazine covers.¬† Because there is a big disconnect between what we saw after they have been digitally processed and the actual reality. And now, this has percolated down to Instagram as well. One may argue that Instagram always had filters but that was for after the photo was clicked. Young stars nowadays are clicking pictures with controlled lighting and great photography before they even make it to the event in question. And this is what goes up on their Instagram. While the glamorous shoots with great lighting look fabulous, the reality tells a whole other story.

The reason why we are talking about this today is that while we, in the industry, have always been aware of this discrepancy, people outside of it have started seeing it too. Many conversations are popping up about celebrities looking fabulous on Instagram but when they step in red carpet, it is a massive fail. As millennials who are familiar with the highly filtered world of Instagram, it makes us question their authenticity as well.

Case in point: we have the very stylish Alia Bhatt at the Vogue Beauty Awards last night (swipe left)…

…and to an extension, her IIFA 2019 appearance as well. The 26-year old works with one of the best styling teams in the business today, yet, she can sometimes go so wrong. To make matters worse, the strategically shot pictures try to hide the glaring shortcomings in their look. The Micheal Costello gown on Alia, while a gorgeous number on its own, is completely wrong on Alia. The fit is terrible from the front and what is up with that bralette? For context, here’s how to gown is supposed to fall on your body:

We aren’t saying that Alia never turns out great red carpet moments. She does, which is why we are confused about why her team is relying on sweeping a bad look under the rug with a glamorous shoot instead. Erm, it is so obvious.

We saw a similar pattern with Sara Ali Khan’s red carpet look as well. Her Shriya Som gown was such a letdown for such a beautiful person. Sara is has been a hit and miss with her style, and said, she has always given us very¬†underwhelming looks. But hey, her Instagram looks great (thus, the over 13 m followers)!

It is certainly not that difficult to translate tricky ensembles from a well-lit photo studio to reality. Shilpa Shetty Kundra made a stunning appearance in her Reem Acra gown styled with the wet hair look, AND…

…it looked amazing through the colour correction and without it. Or when Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Kareena Kapoor Khan slew their outfits, while bombarded with stage lights:

We are honestly left to wonder how to judge a young artist’s style evolution if their lookbooks don’t tell the real picture. Are pre-set photoshoots taking away the novelty of red carpet fashion too much? Give us your take on it. Is it cool on the celeb’s part to portray the good things about their journey? I mean, we’d love to see a celeb admit that they fumbled on an outfit as we all do on a daily basis. We would love to see something like that from someone like Alia or Sara because our 25-year old selves are no stranger to messing up our looks!

Meanwhile, check out this viral meme:

Anushka Sharma Turns Up For A Formal Event In A Simple But Fabulous Outfit And We Love It


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