Here’s How To Wear High Heels Without The Agony


Love them or hate them, but a girl just can’t ignore high heels. Especially a pair of sleek court shoes. They’re essentials in every shoe closet, because you never know when you might need them. Even if it’s one of those days when you know you’ve got a lot of running around to do, you just can’t do without high heels, because…boy, do they look haute!

Nonetheless, let’s be honest, wearing high heels through the day can be a real task. The tapered end can squish your toes in and cause major discomfort. Add to that heels more than four inches high worn all day and you get the picture of fashion agony! But there’s a smart way to keep the pain in the ball of your feet in check with this ingenious trick.

Tape your third and fourth toe together (counting your big toe as the first) when wearing high heels. How does this help? Medically speaking, there’s a nerve that splits right between your third and fourth toe. When you wear a pair of high heels, you tend to apply more pressure on that nerve, thus making your feet ache. Taping the toes together helps reduce pressure on the nerve, and relieves some of the pain you’re bound to experience.

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