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#HauteHack: How To Remove Water Stains From Leather

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Mumbai always experiences days when one has to depend on guesswork and gauge whether it may or may not rain on a particular day. Allowing optimism and poor judgement to take precedence on one of those days last year, I decided to carry my favourite leather cross-body bag while out and about. The result: it ended up raining and my leather bag was water-stained. This bag was a gift, a heather grey piece that I’d proudly name as one of my favourite things. But I had to toss it away as the water stains were highly evident. Had I been a little more proactive back then, I’d have used this amazing hack I recently discovered to remove said water stains. While I mourn the loss of my leather bag (RIP favourite piece), you can still save yours by using this super easy trick.

In a spray bottle, add half parts cold water and half parts vinegar and mix this solution well. Spray this mixture lightly on the water stains that are on your leather item (bag, boots, shoes, wallet, jacket, or the likes). Wipe it clean with a cloth so as to remove any excess vinegar sprayed on it. You may have to repeat this more than twice for every single stain. The point is to just blot off the water stain, so refrain from spraying any excess solution on the leather accessory. Once it’s done, say hello to stain-free leather goods that look as good as new.

PS: It is important to note that vinegar is a drying agent so never use it directly on any product.


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