#HauteHack: Say Goodbye To Itchy Sweater Woes

#HauteHack: Say Goodbye To Itchy Sweater Woes

There’s nothing better than winters; a nip in the air, chilly yet pleasant weather and celebrations galore. But with all that deal of awesomeness comes dry skin and chapped lips. And if you thought beauty was the only department you’ve to worry about during winters, here are some more woes. Let’s get you to remember those itchy woolens that once were favourites but now cannot be used because they’re highly uncomfortable. But wait… if you’re thinking of tossing that sweater away, read this amazing hack I found online that’ll get you to rethink your decision. This trick to do away with that itchy sweater is so easy and super affordable.

Here’s how:

1. Mix a few teaspoons of white vinegar in a bucket of cold water. Turn the sweater inside out and immerse it in this solution. Dunk this in for about 10 minutes. Post this, drain the water and leave the sweater slightly damp.

2. Apply a nominal amount of good quality hair conditioner on the partially wet sweater. You need to rub the product across the sweater without tugging on the fibers.

3.  Leave this for 30 minutes so the product is absorbed by the sweater. Now rinse it with cold water and drain it dry.

4. Allow the sweater to dry out completely. After this, wrap the sweater up in a plastic bag and leave this bag in the freezer overnight.

Voila… no more itchy sweater woes next morning.

Note: Use a good quality hair conditioner as a cheap one would only build up a waxy layer on the sweater.

Simi Kuriakose

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