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Happy Birthday, Hauterfly!

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It seems like only yesterday that we launched Hauterfly. The year has flown by so quickly!

What started out as a little site that could, is today among the top digital fashion and beauty publications in India. And what a year it has been. From working with some of the top brands in the country to engaging with powerhouse role models and industry influencers, we’ve built a daily habit that our readers just cannot get enough of.

From the very beginning, we’ve tried to make personal style something women can understand and work into their everyday wardrobes. While most publications just write captions about the products they feature, we empower our readers by folding a styling tip into everything we show. We have spirited debates about the merits of crop tops and culottes, and also tell you where to get them. So by the time you finish reading an article, you know how to style a bow blouse, how to wear coloured eyeliner to work, or how to layer necklaces. What is so great about Hauterfly — the secret sauce — is that we think about the reader all the time. We never cover a trend or a clothing line just because it’s new or buzzy. It has to be something that can work in a reader’s actual life.

Our goal has been to create a digital fashion magazine that makes women feel good about themselves, makes them feel included, and makes them believe that style is for everyone. The fact that we’ve succeeded at that is probably what I’m proudest of. And it has taught me that creating a product readers love is important work, but it’s also really fun.

Over the course of the year, our team has expanded, our traffic has grown exponentially, and we’ve written hundreds of stories that people have loved. We’ve tried to build a site that perfectly reflects the magazine and the people who work here — a personal, positive, style-centric space where you could totally geek out over a lipstick or a pair of sneakers. I think we’ve absolutely succeeded, even in the age of rampant clickbait and endless listicles.

Of course, it isn’t just the content that’s made Hauterfly an amazing place to work — it is also the people. I have the daily privilege of working with some of the smartest, sassiest young women around. Our Managing Editor Baishali — sorry, Queen B! — is the rock-solid glue that holds this team together. Farozan “Crazy Eyes” Dossani is the resident social media maven with a wicked sense of humour. Our newest hire Meghana is still trying to figure the madhouse she’s found herself in. Japleen — our youngest member — is permanently in a state of wanderlust and can do a mean imitation of every single member on the team. Then there’s Mansi, our eagle-eyed graphic designer who makes all our stories look so good. And how can I forget Tatiana, the sweetest little fashion girl in town? And then there’s Snehal — our video queen — whose constant state of paranoia results in the most amazing work. Coming to office every day doesn’t feel like work. It feels like we’re hanging out with friends, who all happen to be really cool, smart, funny, stylish, ironic, and interesting young women. More importantly, they are all approachable, nice, normal girls.

Team Hauterfly is #squadgoals personified. And yes, you can sit with us.



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