#AskHauterfly: The 10 Most Googled Fashion Questions Of 2015

I’m proud to proclaim I’m a 90s kid: you know…that era when school projects were initiated with long walks to the library and we literally had to bury our heads into books and encyclopaedias. But in time I turned curious and questions turned embarrassing. Most times, the BFF or that one girl who knew more than the rest played counsellor. But there were also moments when both girls were as clueless as me. Then Google happened.

Now I have answers to all my eye-brow raising queries without turning a deep shade of scarlet. We’re a generation that can’t do without Google search. Be it some serious existential angst or a major fashion dilemma, there are answers (and damn good ones) for everything. Thanks to all those billions of queries thrown into its deceptively small search bar, the search engine has access to an unimaginable pool of data on just about everything. Each year, Google releases a list of the most searched queries in different categories. This year’s 10 Most Googled Fashion Questions of 2015 were rather interesting, so I decided to sit down and answer them for you. Because, why not?

1. How to walk in heels

Heels = universal female woes. It’s this whole “I hate you like I love you” deal with sky-high heels. We want to wear them and then wish we hadn’t. Unless you can’t do without them, I suggest you leave it for that evening when you want to look tall and mostly have to sit down. On other days, just work a pair of fabulous flats. Comfort with style — that’s the chic girl’s key fashion rule. Still head over heels? Here’s how you can wear high heels without the agony.

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2. What to wear on the first day of school

Rehearsals for Day 1 of junior college begin even before your admissions have been finalised. It’s a vicious cycle: You throw every outfit you own from the cupboard onto the bed, then mix and match, and change 500 times as you check yourself out from every angle possible in front of the mirror. Then repeat. Everyone’s petrified of Day 1, including the girls from the Mean Girls Squad. Be presentable. It’s okay to take inspiration, but wear what defines your personality and is age-appropriate — like Alia Bhatt. A pair of denims, a fun tee or varsity sweatshirtsneakers, a shirt dress… work with what looks good on you. And remember to have fun. These are the best years of your life!

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3. How to fray jeans

Why would you want to DIY frayed jeans when there are so many options in the market? I mean distressed denims are THE pair everyone’s buying right now. In case you’re lazy to buy and want to give a new lease on life to an old pair, refer to this tutorial.

4. How to tie a shirt

Buy a pre-knotted shirt. No? Then choose an oversized boyfriend shirt, button down 3-4 buttons and knot the remaining ends either at your waist or tie to the sides of your hip.

5. What should a bride wear to the rehearsal dinner

I’ve hardly ever heard of rehearsal dinners out here. Nonetheless, if you’re the bride-to-be, just ensure you’re not wearing your wedding outfit. Anything comfortable is fine. You’re the star of the function anyway, so NOBODY can steal your thunder.

6. What to wear booties with

Booties are passé. If you’re looking for the IT Girl’s shoe, look no further than ankle boots. That’s the saving grace for shoes this fall. Team them up with a midi skirt and crop top, a maxi dress, denims and a tucked-in shirt…the options are endless. If you’ve not invested in them yet, check out these stunning shoes you can literally live in!

7. What are mules shoes

Mules shoes have nothing to do with the equus hybrid. It’s a backless shoe that’s close-toed in style and can vary in heel height. Remember Carrie Bradshaw strutting in them on Sex And The City? Well, Spring/Summer 2015 just brought back the shoe trend and everyone from Tory Burch to Proenza Schouler worked it on the ramps. IMO, these shoes are chicness personified, so for the love of shoes, go buy them!

8. What to wear to a wedding in the woods

Fully covered is what I’d suggest lest the bugs have a fun time at your expense. We know the BIG FAT INDIAN WEDDING will never make it to the woods (yet) as you’ll have a 100 people complaining about the venue. Nonetheless, if you’re heading to a beach wedding, we’d suggest fabrics that are light, colours that are bright, and subtle embellishments on your ensemble. Also, work a turban to look chic; and don’t forget the shades!

9. How to dress up like Miranda Sings

WHO??? Don’t know, don’t care. (If you’re curious, she’s the girl who’s sliding backwards in this gif, and I have no idea why she’s searched on the Internet). Nonetheless, just in case you want to take cues on how to dress like Deepika Padukone, we’re happy to help.

10. What colour shoes goes with a black and blue dress

Black is the new black… seriously! So when in doubt, always turn to a pair of black heels as they work 97 per cent of the time no matter what your outfit. When you’re stuck in that three per cent, I’d say give your nude shoes a chance!

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