Editor’s Pick: Mansi’s Funky Pink Analog Watch

Editor’s Pick: Mansi’s Funky Pink Analog Watch

I firmly believe that an outfit is incomplete without a nice watch. For me, a watch is not only an accessory that complements my outfit but an indispensable part of my ensemble. I can’t even think of leaving home without one strapped around my wrist. My personal taste in watches leans more towards androgynous designs than dainty, feminine ones. I like big dials and sturdy straps; basically anything that’s functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. I believe every girl should have at least one oversized watch in her wardrobe. It’s a style staple, IMO. The right kind of oversized watch can hold its ground and complete an outfit without help from any other accessories.


Titan Pink Analog Watch inpost_hauterfly

Titan Pink Analog Watch

And that’s why I loved this analog watch from Titan. I generally stick to neutrals colours when it comes to my clothing and accessory choices, but it’s hard not to fall in love with this bubblegum pink watch. I love the minimalist dial coupled with the silicon straps. The cheery pink colour has such an infectious young vibe that’s difficult to resist. And I love the addition of those minty green hands in the dial. The pop of colour is all you need to make a pair of basic blue denims and white tee outfit stand out.

Titan is one brand most of us are well-acquainted with. In fact, the first watch I ever wore as well as the one I’m currently wearing are all from Titan! This funky analog watch is very affordably priced, and is something that will not burn a hole in my wallet. Also, it perfectly embodies all that is youthful and fun and it is one watch that I can wear on a regular basis.

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