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Editor’s Pick: Simi’s Stylish Pair Of Platform Sneakers

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I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love sneakers. I think I’m literally going to label myself a sneaker hoarder because I’ve been shopping a pair every month. Apart from the fact that the street style fraternity, fashionistas and celebrities can’t get enough of this trend, runway reports prove that it’s a shoe style that’s here to stay. And sneakers with everything has been quite the deal for a while now. Trust me, there’s no outfit I’ve come across that you can’t pair these shoes with, and not look darn cool in. A white body suit tucked in a red skater skirt and a pair of sneakers – perfect! A denim shirt teamed with distressed skinny jeans and sneakers – yes please! A printed bodycon dress accessorised with a satchel bag and a pair of sneakers — why not!? I can go on. Preppy athleisure or ultra-chic feminine… you name the style and there’s a sneaker you can complete the look with and stun everyone.

Zara Stretch Sneakers 1112_Hauterfly

Zara Stretch Sneakers

That brings me to my next buy: a super stylish pair from high-street brand Zara. Firstly, I prefer platform sneakers to regular ones because it helps add to the height (sigh #ShortGirlProblems). Also, I am not quite a fan of chunky sneakers; the lighter the shoe, the better. Given a chance to opt from a pair of slip-ons and laced sneakers, I’d always go for the former one. Not only do I save myself from tripping over loose laces, I also think slip-ons are way more comfortable. As far as this pair from Zara is concerned, the stark orange in contrast to the white sole is pretty eye-catching. It’s a pair that can surely elevate a rather simple, neutral outfit. But that one detail I like best in this pair of sneakers is the golden heel on the shoe. Just adds so much more character to a rather regular pair, doesn’t it? A pair the shoe closet must have, me thinks!

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