Editor’s Pick: Bushra’s Necklace Screams Music Festival Chic

When it comes to costume jewellery, my taste is pretty sorted: It has to be chunky, edgy and gorgeous. Little wonder then that I love statement pieces. And you know that feeling when you see a certain piece and it’s love at first sight? The Rock ‘N Rose Blue Drops Necklace looks like it was made just for me. It has such a care-free, bohemian vibe that I can totally see the two of us head-banging at the next music festival.


Rock 'N Rose Blue Drops Statement Necklace_Hauterfly
Rock ‘N Rose Blue Drops Statement Necklace


Since festival season is already here and it looks like this is going to be another year of hurriedly putting outfits together, this necklace is exactly the kind of accessory that will elevate a basic outfit. Oh, the joy of finding the right thing at the right time!

What I really like about the Rock ‘N Rose piece is the chain link and teardrop-shaped stone detailing. Also, the black thread that leads to the fastening at the back is a nice touch, since a regular metal chain would have made this look like ethnic jewellery. This piece is definitely a conversation starter, no?

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