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A Series Of Books Based On Black Mirror Will Be Out Next Year!

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Usually, books inspire movies or TV shows, and we know that if a book enters the bestsellers’ list, it will soon hit the virtual world. But Black Mirror, the superhit show on Netflix, the one that literally shook us from within, is in the process of being made into a series of books.



Charlie Brooker, the creator of the show, tweeted the news and of course, we are dancing around with joy (and a little bit of horror), as the books claim to be far more disturbing than the show.



Multiple authors — renowned names from the world of contemporary fiction — are going to write original stories for this series.

Who are they going to be and what will be the plot of the novels? Nobody knows yet. Brooker will edit the short stories himself and the book is going to be published by Del Rey at Penguin Random House.

Also, a statement released by Brooker hints at some interesting news, “All-new Black Mirror stories from exciting authors — that’s a joyous prospect. And they’re appearing in a high-tech new format known as a ‘book’. Apparently, you just have to glance at some sort of ‘ink code’ printed on paper and images and sounds magically appear in your head, enacting the story. Sounds far-fetched to me, but we’ll see.”

WOAH! Right?


Books Based On Black Mirror_Hauterfly


The first book will be out on Feb 22, 2018, and the next leg of TV series will be out in October.


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