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5 Fun And Sexy Party Dresses Ananya Panday Wore This Year And Their Budget Alternatives

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We talk about Ananya a lot on Hauterfly because she intrigues us. Ananya had already garnered many followers before her first film even hit the big screen, courtesy her friendship with fellow Bollywood progeny Janhvi Kapoor. Since her debut though, this 21-year-old has exploded on the celebrity fashion scene because of her stunning looks and a strange ability to pull off almost anything ace stylist Ami Patel puts her in, at least most of the time. Although we think she has so much to experiment and offer, one of her statement looks has taken the form of cute and sexy mini dresses. Which gives us many outfit ideas for the upcoming party season!

Here are 5 exciting party dresses she wore this year and their budget alternatives because in the words of the great Kristen Wiig, “Help me, I’m poor!”.

Neon Bodycon

Bodycon dresses are your best friend when it comes to sexy party wear. Ananya’s ruched neon bodycon from Oh Polly merges two of the top trends this season…the florescent hues and showing off em pins. All of the heeled pumps and stilettos will go them, and very minimal accessories keep the look cool. You can even change into a pair of sneakers by midnight, for comfort or some more dancin’!

Hot Pink Overlay

We love the ultra-feminine silhouette from Alice McCALL label because it’s everybody’s cup of tea. You can’t go wrong with a girly dress for some or all of the many parties that are lined up for the rest of the year. We especially love the overlay in this dress, it gives you that much-needed heft and weight to twirl around on the dance floor, without worrying about an upskirt moment!

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Polka Love

For working women adulting like a boss on the daily, office parties can get a bit overwhelming. What can you wear at an office New Year mixer that is both appropriate and makes an impression? Well, a careful mix of signature evening soiree trends and just the right amount of strategic skin show and you are sorted. Ananya’s Vassilis Zoulias shows off her shoulders but the entire outfit isn’t too risque. We love this one.

Glitter Cocktail

There is a reason why cocktail dresses are the safest option to put your bets on during any party season. They make you feel like a million bucks, look great in pictures and pass any and all dress codes enforced on a night of NYE pub-hopping. Ananya’s Akanksha Gajria golden shell-tassel dress has been one of our favourite looks from her all year, it is just too delish!

Sequinned In Silver

The halls of great parties are littered with sequins that have come off of dresses! One of Ananya’s earliest looks this year was a Needle & Thread sequinned silver number, which we think kicked off her obsession with sexy minis. Who needs to fret over accessories when your dress itself is a giant piece of bling? You’re welcome!

What were some of your favourite looks from Ananya this year? Let us know!

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