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The Statement Ring That Will Perk Zahra Up On A Rainy Day

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Even though I’m a big fan of minimalist jewellery, there are times when big is always better — especially when it comes to rings. If there’s one kind of accessory I love, it is a bold statement ring. Because it means I don’t have to bother about stacking or dressing my fingers with multiple minimal pieces, as they get in the way of me working on my laptop every day.

We’ve seen a lot of trends in jewellery lately, and stackables of various shapes and sizes have been an all-consuming trend on Instagram. From teeny, tiny midi rings to sleek, bangle-like varieties for the thumb and pinky fingers, minimal hand baubles have been all the rage. But I personally think old-school statement rings that celebrate their in-your-face fanciness will always catch people’s attention and never truly go out of style.


Amrapali Rose Ring Inpost_Hauterfly

Amrapali Silver Gold-Plated Rose Ring


Which is why I love this Tribe by Amrapali ring from its new collection Gracia. The collection is inspired by Islamic architecture — something I love so much that I even have a Pinterest board dedicated to it — so obviously I took a liking to it immediately.

The ring comes in 18k gold-plated silver and the detailed floral work on it is seriously stunning. It’s the kind of piece that you’ll wear and then keep stealing glances at all through the day while you tap away on your keyboard. And honestly, I love when my jewellery can put a smile on my face like that.

Besides, now that the monsoon is almost upon us and sunny days are giving way to drearier ones, what better time than now to invest in something brighter and heartier? If you like it then you better put a ring on it — preferably a loud and proud one!

SHOP NOW: Amrapali Silver Gold-Plated Rose Ring (Rs 3,250)


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