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Is It Denim Jacket? Is It A Trench Coat? It’s Alia Bhatt’s Love For Half And Half Clothing. But It’s Confusing

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We love Alia Bhatt’s style game but the girl plays too much! The actress was spotted coming back from her beachy NYE with bae Ranbir Kapoor, wearing a khaki and denim half and half overcoat that made us zoom into our phone screens. Dresses in matching separates, her jacket comes with a denim patchwork detail that we initially thought was a production error. You know, maybe they ran out of the khaki fabric and had to re-purpose denim for the rest. Knowing Alia, we know that’s not the case. She picked the coat for the exact same reason she picks quirky pieces for her personal wardrobe…they mess with onlookers in a cheeky way.

Alia paired the denim panelled trench with joggers and boots. Don’t get us wrong, we love every other fabulous trench or smart denim jacket, but mixing the two to create this confusing blend goes beyond our grasp of eccentric street style. It looks damn cool but we’d stick to the individual basic staples, please!

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Alia has shown her love for half and half denim jackets quite a few times. Which makes us wonder if we should try one. While it’s already too hot for her airport number, we’d love to try our her Pernia Qureshi cool blue number she wore a while ago…

Now, that’s a cool denim jacket. It stays in its lane of being the same fabric so there’s no chance of tricks with this one. We can see ourselves pairing this with fitted blue jeans or black trousers to add a touch of colour. It is a bit of a splurge but hey, girls just wanna have clothes.

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