5 Thoughts We Had When We Saw The New (And Confusing) Disney’s Frozen 2 (Hindi) Promo

5 Thoughts We Had When We Saw The New (And Confusing) Disney’s Frozen 2 (Hindi) Promo

Stay calm ladies, the feel-good movie of the year is almost here. As we step into the weekend and make our Saturday night movie plans, the film at the top of our list is Frozen 2. This tale of two warrior sisters charmed us six years back and has stayed fresh in our pop culture references ever since. Now that its sequel is hitting the theatres, we can’t wait to grab our siblings and head to cinemas and sing along to yet another set of songs that’ll be stuck in our head for years. Given that it’s Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Parineeti Chopra who are voices the lead characters, we cannot be more excited!

Their latest promo, on the other hand, gave us all kinds of mixed feelings! Here’s the inner monologue that was going on in my head while watching the clip!

The Movie Looks So Good!

To state the obvious, the movie actually looks incredibly good. The Frozen franchise has established itself for being hugely successful with incredible animation. The new instalment looks fabulous as well, with the Hindi dubbing by PeeCee and Parineeti being at par with professional voice actors. More often than not, taking A-listers to voice animated characters don’t pan out, but this one actually comes through, especially Parineeti. We can’t wait!

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Parineeti Is The ‘Glamazon’ Princess

Talking about Parineeti, the actress is sporting the sexiest Disney Princess look we’ve ever seen. The actress wore a heavily sequinned fishtail gown with feathered sleeves for the promo and we are ‘shook’. The snug fit also featured a plunge sweetheart neckline, kinda like a sultry rebellious princess we always wanted in these movies but never got. Even though the look belongs in Maleficent rather than Frozen, we so wish someone would bring this character to life in a movie!

The Hilarious Edit

Give a production team a green screen, a monologue and they can turn it into literally anything! The promo looks filled with all kinds of edit magic since it’s clearly not been shot with the ladies in at the same place. It was hilarious to see the girls staring into nothing while supposedly looking at each other, their arms flailing about without hitting each other. We recommend watching the promo closely, blink and you might miss the sneaky editing.

Priyanka Needs More Sequins

The Frozen movies are more than just a feminist classic, they are also a major fashion moment! The part where Elsa transforms from her queen’s garbs to a literal ice queen in Let It Go sparked so many makeover memes, we can’t even begin to talk about it. Which PeeCee’s veiny gown in the promo left us wanting for more. The nude in the gown is so underwhelming, a regular powder blue tulle gown would have sufficed as well!

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What’s With The Faux Cinch?

Disney has long courted controversy about portraying an unrealistic body image on their princesses. Given how many young girls watch these films, and revere them, baffles us that there hasn’t been an update on their portrayal. Name one actual-real-human shaped princess you have seen in one of these films? You can’t! Emma Watson, who famously rejected the corset in Beauty And The Beast, did so to show her real shape in the film.

Having said that, we weren’t surprised that to see PeeCee and Parineeti’s ridiculously cinched frames in the promo. The girls have obviously been retouched to give a slimmer waist when both Priyanka and Parineeti have been cheerleaders for body positivity in the industry. We wonder what they think of the edits.

Dear Disney, please do better than this!

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