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5 Simple Ways To Protect Your Expensive Clothes!

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Ladies, we are headed into the wedding season and this means that we are spending copious amounts of time on Pinterest, trying to figure out what we would want to wear. Of course, you do own stuff from last year, but can we really repeat outfits? What will your friends on Instagram say?

Then, there’s the guilt. You’ve invested a significant part of your salary trying to acquire the outfit, how do you not use it again? The thing with repeating outfits is, you have to be clever about it, and you have to make sure your garment looks like it’s just arrived. Now, if you’re not sure how to make an old but expensive outfit look like it’s just left the runway and arrived at your doorstep, we have a few tips for you.

For statement pieces that are an investment, buying them is just the beginning. It’s how you take care of them that really matters, and that’s what we are helping you with today.


Read The Label

Those little care instructions attached to the garment? Yeah, have a read before you snip them off. Most of us tend to get careless about these, but it could really affect how long your expensive clothing stays in ship shape. So, if it says to wash separately or with cold water, actually do it and your outfit will last longer than one season.


Stain-ed Up

I am that person who cannot get through a meal without staining her shirt. And apparently, bibs aren’t cool. Imagine wearing a beautiful, designer gown and waltzing around sipping on wine. Imagine the horror if you happen to spill some wine on it. The key is to take care of a stain immediately. You want to at least dab off the excess with a tissue, but definitely deal with it the minute you get home. Check out our handy guide on how to get rid of wine stains here.

Wash Up

If you’ve worn a garment once, and if it’s something you’ve been handling like a baby because it’s expensive, make sure you clean it before you store it away. And the best way to do this, and this one comes highly recommended, is to invest in a quality washing machine.

We love the Bosch Front Load Washing Machine for this, as it gently washes clothes, leaves them squeaky clean, but without the harsh movements of a regular washing machine. We also like that it takes care of tough stains and odours through its VarioDrumTM technology, which also reduces creasing by giving your laundry more space to move around. BRB, we have some washing to be done.

Want to buy the Bosch Washing Machine? Buy it from Flipkart here!


Don’t Leave ‘Em Hanging

When you’ve worn, washed, and ironed your expensive outfit, you are tempted to put it up on a hanger in their pristine condition. However, if your hemline features heavy work, this may pull the garment down if you leave it hanging, and cause tears. Clothing experts (that’s an actual job) suggest folding your clothes away to make them last.


Aroma Therapy

Most expensive clothes are saved for special occasions and unless you’ve a lot of those (who are you?), your key pieces are going to be relegated to a special part of the closet. And they are going to be subject to the elements, one of which is odours. Keep these away with scented cupboard fragrances. It will also keep moths at bay. Think cedarwood or fresh, citrusy aromas!

* This is a dedicated post in collaboration with Bosch Home Appliances.

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