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20 Quick And Easy Hacks To Change Your Appearance

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With the new year right around the corner and the festive season coming soon, the stress of new outfits to wear is real. If you are looking for a fresh start, or are simply bored with your current look and are looking for a change, then you have come to the right place. Listed below are super simple, yet effective ways in which you can reinvent your look. Time for a makeover!

1. Change your Hair

You don’t have to for a crazy change like a pixie cut or neon pink. With hair, a little goes a long way. A quick haircut with layers, adding bangs or colouring your hair with balayage or highlights can do the trick. If all of the above is too extreme for you, then even a deep conditioning mask that helps restore the moisturize your hair, will change your hair texture.

2. Break The Rules When Shopping

Those who find themselves stuck in a rut, wearing the same kind of clothes, again and again, the fault is not when you get dressed in the morning, the fault is at the foundation level when you are shopping. It time to change the way you look at shopping.

When walking into a clothing store, look for pieces that you think, you would never wear or won’t look good in. You never know, that black jumpsuit you ignore for so long, might just look great on you. So if there is something that makes you go, “ew I would NEVER wear that” TRY IT ON. You never know it might just end up looking fabulous on you, and if not, there is nothing to lose.

3. Whiten You teeth

There are a bunch of kits available in the market, that help whiten your teeth or simply help get rid of discolouration. Alternatively, a quick cleaning or whitening visit to the dentist could do the job too. A small change like this can add a refreshed element to your look, and pearly white teeth also look pretty attractive.

4. Change Your Diet

Now we have to admit, this a big commitment. Changing your diet is something you have to stick to for the long run and the results do not come quick and easy. However, when you see the changes in your body, it will not only change the way you look, it will also make you feel terrific.

5. Find the red lipstick that suits you

If there is one makeup item all power women swear by, it is a good red lipstick. This weekend, set some time aside and try out all the reds out there. I promise you will find one that suits you! Red is for everyone, and a red mouth just ups the glamour of your look.

6. Update your accessory

If there are certain go-to accessories that are a part of your everyday look such a watch or a handbag then change those up. For eg, if you wear a petite, thin watch, try to pick a chunkier one or get a new handbag.

7. Bye Bye Kajal & Hello Eyeliner

Indian women find it the most difficult to stay away from kajal, but this makeup trick can change up your look, make you look fresh. Skip your kajal, wear just shadow or liner. If you feel like the no-kajal-look makes you look dead and unwell, then a light stroke of mascara on your lower lashline should do the job.

8. Play With Colours

If you’re known for wearing the same colour again and again, then expanding your colour spectrum will help change your look. Try prints and pop colours, or pastels if you always wear earthy tones or blacks.

9. Contact lenses

If you wear glasses every day, then switching to contact lenses can dramatically change your look. Tired coloured contacts can make an even bigger difference, make sure to go for something natural looking, if you have black eyes, then picking blue lenses may not be the best option.

10. Change your parting

Middle, side, left or right, a simple change in the direction you start your hir can make a HUGE difference.

11. Change your style and go crazy

Most of us like to experiment (or at least we think we do!). We can go from a tomboy in a baseball hat one day to a girly girl the next. But if you’re one of those who has stuck to one single style aesthetic, then it is to expand your horizons, maybe give boho a try?

12. New Scent

If you have a signature scent, then play around with a new one. It can instantly change your whole mood and add a touch of freshness in your life.

13. Eyebrows

Starting off as a running joke on Vine, “eyebrows on fleek” has grown to be a beauty phenomenon. An almost non-existent line, framing your face- snipped, plucked and threaded into oblivion- was the trend back in the day. But today,  unruly, bold and slightly grown in, big eyebrows are having a major moment right now. Needless to say, your eyebrows change your look, so spend some time growing them out, or just master the art of tactfully filling them in.

14. Look for a new style icon

If you’ve been dressing up like Blair Waldorf your entire life, dump that preppy look and maybe pull a Serena Wander Woodsen and dress sexy this time. Finding a new style icon can help expand your style horizons.

15. Get a new signature manicure

If you have always rocked tiny nails in dark hues, then grow them out and try a French Manicure, or get extensions and try a glam manicure. It may not be dramatic but it certainly will be fun.

16. Hairstyle

If you wear your hair in a side braid or a messy bun on a daily, then change it up. Make a glamorous high pony or top knot or style it in soft waves. Experiment. That’s what Youtube tutorials are for!

17. Get a Tan

Dusky is sexy. Get a tan and embrace the beautiful tan glow for a change.

18. Get Inked

If a tattoo is something that has always been on your bucket list, then now is the time to do it. Getting inked can add that new, but subtle dimension to your look and persona.

19. Piercing

An Eyebrow piercing, a tongue piercing,  maybe a navel piercing?  Heck, even an extra ear piercing can completely change your look up!

20. Go Straight or Curly

Changing the texture of your hair can give a dramatic makeover. Have some fun with you hair. Maybe get some curls if your hair is straight or straighten your curls!


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