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10 Outfits We Want To Steal From Kendall Jenner’s Wardrobe

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Does it really shock you that model of the moment, Kendall Jenner, has a wardrobe to die for? Pretty much any designer would kill to dress her and it’s so easy to see why. Apart from being a part of the Kardashian legacy, she has her own clothing line, she’s an ambassador for some amazing brands and has even established herself as one of the hottest faces on the runway today.

So here we are, showing you 10 things we’d love to steal from her closet, when in reality, it’s actually the entire closet that needs stealing.

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1. Everyone has crop tops in their closet. But no one has one as hot as Kendall Jenner’s. While most of her closet is stocked with well-fitted pairs of jeans, it’s what she pairs with them that gets us all excited!


2. A lacy negligee top worn out of bed? Nope, there’s nothing Kendall Jenner can’t do!


3. All the Kardashians swear by this trick. Wearing one colour all over has become some sort of a thing and we’ve got to admit, it looks so fine.


4. If you ever needed more proof that all black works like magic, here it is!


5. If we had to pick one dress to wear to every music festival, this one would be it!


6. Next time you’re wearing a black shirt, leave it unbuttoned and let double-sided tapes hold everything in place. You could either do that, or just ‘borrow’ this one from Kendall.


7. Can anyone else rock a slit that goes all the way up to there? I don’t think so!


8. Those shoes probably took an army to put on and while we really want to own them, we might need to take the army along too!


9. Would you believe that these separates are actually designed by her and Kylie Jenner? And yes, we’ll be taking that hat too, thanks very much.


10. It’s not like any of us will be able to pull this outfit off, but it doesn’t stop us from wanting it anyway!


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