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10 Elegant Watches That Will Stand The Test Of Time

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Watches are probably the classiest arm candy you can have. It makes a style statement like no other. Besides being extremely elegant and dainty, it also serves a purpose — a purpose that a lot of people seem to miss out on. Hello, we are referring to you late bloomers who do have the ability to tell time, but always fail to reach on time. Just in case you are counted in the handful who actually use their watch to guide them through the day, you need to do it with panache. Minimalism is a trend that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon — whether it is with makeup or fashion. Keeping the same theme in mind, minimalistic wrist watches are what you should be flashing this season — neatly designed straps, less-blingy dials, clean cuts, and elegant silhouettes. As much as we like a little jazz in our accessories, keeping things simple sometimes just makes it even more classic. Sort of like how they say less is more?

We’ve curated 10 of the most elegant watches you can flaunt on your wrists in this season, while, of course, always being on time.


New Look Romantic Floral Dial Watch (Rs 1,795)


ASOS Large Face Skinny Faux Snakeskin Strap Watch (Rs 1,500 approx)


Olivia Burton After Dark Dusty Pink & Rose Gold (Rs 6,700 approx)


Fossil Smart Watch (Rs 21,995)


ASOS Pretty Etched Dial Detail Watch (Rs 1,664 approx)


ASOS Is it Friday Yet Dial Print Watch (Rs 1,500 approx)


Joker & Witch Futuristic Dial Watch (Rs 1,199)


Kate Spade Metro Magic Hat Watch (Rs 9,708)


Kate Spade Metro Chalkboard (Rs 14,025)


Anouk Gold Toned Watch (Rs 1,799)


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