“Nahi Hona Chaiye Tha” Vicky Jain Reacts To His Mom’s Controversial Remarks About Ankita Lokhande. About Time!

The words were not right!
“Nahi Hona Chaiye Tha” Vicky Jain Reacts To His Mom’s Controversial Remarks About Ankita Lokhande. About Time!

Bigg Boss 17 might be in the rearview mirror, but the echoes of controversies are still reverberating, and one contestant who continues to be in the spotlight is Vicky Jain. While the elusive winner’s trophy eluded him, Vicky certainly clinched the title of one of the most discussed contestants of the season. In an interview with Pinkvilla, Vicky opened up about the aftermath of his mother’s eyebrow-raising comments concerning his marriage to the talented actress Ankita Lokhande.


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Vicky Jain began by acknowledging the depth of emotions that mothers carry, emphasizing that while their feelings are genuine, it doesn’t necessarily validate the words they express. He candidly shared that the emotions her mother shared were genuine but her choice of words that were used were not appropriate. Diving into the intricacies of the situation, Vicky revealed that it was just an emotion and because of certain situations they were not able to connect with them on that level, and they were watching them but were not able to communicate with them.

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Going deeper into the matter, Vicky Jain shed light on the unseen realities, saying that we did not know what the real situation was, but as soon as we got out we talked it out with each other and then everything was back to normal. It did not need that much of attention, it was circumstantial. At that time, everyone felt that way. And some things should not have happened but all those things happened.

For those who missed the previous drama, Vicky Jain’s mother had shared her thoughts with Pinkvilla during his stint in the Bigg Boss 17 house. Addressing Vicky’s marriage to Ankita Lokhande, she had candidly stated that Ankita had married Vicky. We did not support them. Vicky got married, and now he is ready to take the responsibility. Vicky Jain had also spoken about how he gave more importance to the game than his Ankita Lokhande.

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