Vicky Jain Regrets Not Paying Attention To Ankita Lokhande During Bigg Boss 17: “I Was Focusing On The Game”

Does he really regret it?
Vicky Jain Regrets Not Paying Attention To Ankita Lokhande During Bigg Boss 17: “I Was Focusing On The Game”

In a recent interview, businessman Vicky Jain opened up about various facets of his life, particularly his marriage to Ankita Lokhande and all the controversies around it during Bigg Boss 17. Vicky Jain spoke about his disagreements with his wife during their stint on the reality show. The Bigg Boss 17 contestant confessed that he felt that he should’ve paid more attention to Ankita’s emotional needs but he was focused on the game. However, he also feels proud of being in every single episode of the show. which is not entirely a lie. 


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Vicky Jain: “Should’ve Given Ankita A Little More Attention”

Vicky Jain reacted to all the limelight that his marriage with Ankita Lokhande received due to the disagreements that the couple had during Bigg Boss 17. Addressing the matter, Vicky highlighted that it’s normal for people to have different opinions, fights and arguments in a relationship. He also pointed out that disagreements are part of everyday life and not necessarily detrimental to a relationship.

While Vicky did acknowledge the fact that he could’ve given more time and attention to Ankita Lokhande and been polite towards her emotional needs, he was quick to excuse himself by adding that he couldn’t understand her needs. The Bigg Boss 17 contestant also pointed out that he was more focused on the game as he is a businessman who was on a break during his stint on the reality show and wanted to make the most of this time.

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Dismissing people’s criticism about his relationship, Vicky Jain claimed that people are unaware of his actual relationship with his wife as they haven’t seen them together at him. He pointed out that they can’t say anything about his relationship with his wife as they have misunderstood it while adding that they’re strong and happy together.


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Vicky Jain On His Family Being On Bigg Boss 17

Vicky Jain also opened up about having their families involved in the reality show as well as the controversies that arose from his mother’s comments on the show. He acknowledged his family’s indifferent attitude towards Ankita and explained that it was a result of their unfamiliarity with the entertainment industry and the inherent public scrutiny that comes with it. 

He went on to add that post-show discussions with his family helped clear any misunderstandings and reiterated his strong bond with Ankita Lokhande. Vicky Jain also took a moment to express his joy over the positive feedback he received from both friends and the audience. 

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ICYMI, Vicky Jain’s mother lashed out at Ankita Lokhande during Bigg Boss 17 for being “unable to handle” Vicky. She also accused the actress of being disrespectful towards her husband among other things. Vicky’s mom also spoke to the media later and made several statements against Ankita that caused an uproar and led to severe backlash from the internet.

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