From Emraan Hashmi’s Villainous Avatar To Pathaan’s Cameo, What Twitter Loved About Tiger 3 Trailer!

Hope it does not disappoint!
From Emraan Hashmi’s Villainous Avatar To Pathaan’s Cameo, What Twitter Loved About Tiger 3 Trailer!

The YRF Spy universe has never disappointed the audience with its films till now and has just raised the bar with every film. Very soon, Maneesh Sharma’s Tiger 3 starring Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif and Emraan Hashmi on November 12, that is Diwali too! The trailer has finally been released and there are so many things that have got us excited for the film! On Twitter, netizens are praising Salman Khan’s film for its mindblowing cinematography and of course the lead couple’s chemistry. People are looking forward to this film and they have also made some interesting edits to the trailer.


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The Tiger 3 trailer revealed Emraan Hashmi’s role as the villain who is all set to make Tiger’s (Salman Khan) and Zoya’s (Katrina Kaif) life a living hell. From action to emotional moments and intense scenes, Tiger 3 has given us glimpses that make us quite excited about the film. And since it is a Salman Khan buzz has to be on Twitter, right? And it is, people are already talking about it and have given the Maneesh Sharma film the “Blockbuster” tag already. Twitterati has hailed the film’s cinematography and some of the well-taken shots in the trailer, like Salman’s iconic scarf move. The VFX and action sequences are also being praised by internet users.


A user also edited the Tiger 3 and Jawan clips together to give the impression of Pathaan making a cameo in the Maneesh Sharma film. Well, we do look forward to SRK’s Pathaan making a cameo in Tiger 3 and that’s going to be cool, only if it happens.

#Pathaan cameo in tiger3 leaked

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Twitter also loves Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif’s romantic moments in the trailer, and is already awaiting a romantic track from the film!

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Internet users have also praised the film’s casting, which also includes Revathy in a pivotal role. With the amazing star cast, people are really expecting the film to be good!

This time Emraan Hashmi will be playing the antagonist and just one glimpse of him in the trailer has us seated. But the feeling is mutual because Twitter is waiting to see the actor have this epic face-off with Salman Khan on the big screen.

So much buzz before the release is quite a good sign for the film, we hope it does not disappoint!

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