Adah Sharma: “Patriarchy Has Conditioned Us Into Believing Therapy Is Not Needed”

Everyone needs to go to therapy!
Adah Sharma: “Patriarchy Has Conditioned Us Into Believing Therapy Is Not Needed”

Therapy is a taboo in India and those seeking therapy are shamed as well. There is so much stigma surrounding seeking therapy and people have a notion that those who are ‘mentally ill’ only go to therapists. Stigmatising seeking therapy is what makes those suffering from mental health issues not seek help which, in turn, worsens the situation for them. In the latest episode of The Male Feminist, Adah Sharma talks about how important it is to normalise seeking therapy and how the manipulators make one feel inferior about themselves. 


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In a conversation with Siddhaarth Aalambayan AKA The Male Feminist, The Kerala Story actor Adah Sharma opens up about how therapy is needed in India, and how important it is to destigmatise the negative notions around it. She said, “We have to open up about the need of seeking therapy.” She also said that it is not that only “mad people” need to go to therapists and also how mental health issues are called “rich people problems”. Adah added that patriarchy had conditioned us that seeking therapy is for the weak and even considered bad. 

The 30-year-old actress also went on to talk about how even those who have suffered from physical and mental abuse should seek therapy. She said, “The abusers want to lower your self-confidence and make you feel miserable about yourself. And once you start feeling like this, they can start to take control over your mind and body.” 

There are so many incidents that we have heard from people who have opened up about how negatively their parents reacted when they told them that wanted to seek therapy. It is typically a brown household thing most parents consider waking up early as the solution to 90 per cent of life’s problems.

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We need to provide a safe space for children to come and share their mental health problems. If we make them feel safe then will imbibe the same good values and pass them on to the next generation but if we behave in a toxic manner, they will spread the same toxicity in the future which is not the goal.  

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