Exclusive: Adah Sharma Has A Message For Wife Beaters: “Treat Women Like You Treat Your Penis”

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Exclusive: Adah Sharma Has A Message For Wife Beaters: “Treat Women Like You Treat Your Penis”

As women, we’re taught to behave a certain way to be more ladylike. From little things like how to sit and how to laugh to things like cooking so, we can fit into our patriarchal society’s gender stereotype. But that’s not how it should be. TBH, what’s wrong with women sitting with their legs spread apart like men? Or with women not knowing how to cook? On the other hand, men seem to need no lessons in how to sit or learn life skills like cooking. In a recent conversation with Hauterrfly’s Siddhaarth Aalambayan on The Male Feminist, The Kerala Story star Adah Sharma shared things that she thinks parents should teach their sons to create a better society. The actress also shared a rather bang-on message for the wife beaters and abusive men.

Speaking to Hauterrfly on The Male Feminist, Adah Sharma said that it’s time we stop saying things like women should sit like this or like that. Pointing out that it all starts with when we’re kids, The Kerala Story star said, “Teach the boy, ghar pe. Both parents should teach them. Maybe allow your son to keep his own plate in the kitchen after having his meal. Maybe don’t encourage your son when he’s throwing a tantrum at home.”

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Speaking further, Adah Sharma shared that it’s time parents stop pampering their sons and ignoring their mistakes. “When your son gets physically violent don’t encourage it because today he’s a young kid hitting his peers but tomorrow he’ll grow up and slap his wife he’ll think it’s okay because his parents allowed him to behave that way when he was a kid. Men think they have the right to hit their wives because they were allowed to behave that way as kids because they were enabled to do this when they were kids,” said The Kerala Story actress.

Adah Sharma also had a very important message for abusive men. “I watched this video where a woman said that men should treat women like they treat their pensis. She went on to list things men do to take care of their penis and it hit me that if men can’t be allies and it’s the worst-case scenario, then just treat a woman like you’d treat your penis. This is a message for the men who are really cruel, like the wife beaters and abusers,” said the actress.


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Adah Sharma spoke about several other things including her upbringing, pay parity and body shaming. Watch the complete episode for more.

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