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Taapsee Pannu Promises Tehelka, Announces ‘Phir Aayi Haseen Dillruba’

January 11, 2023 | by Kinjal Panchal

Taapsee Pannu etched her name in the hearts of the audience as their eternal dillruba with her performance in the romantic thriller Haseen Dillruba! Her role as the sexy, foxy and sharp Rani Kashyap left the audience wanting to see more of her. And now, it looks like this wish has been granted as Taapsee announced that she is going to reprise her role in the next film titled Phir Aayi Haseen Dillruba! Sharing the first poster of the film on her Instagram handle, Taapsee gave a hint about which city the film is going to be set in as well!


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In the poster of Taapsee Pannu’s Phir Aayi Haseen Dillruba, she is wearing a red saree with a sultry blouse and gazing at the Taj Mahal, hinting that the story might be set in Agra. Her hand is covered in blood and there is a crocodile swimming towards her. Uff, the poster itself has clearly indicated that a murder will take surely place. In the caption of the post, Taapsee wrote that Haseen Dillruba is going to make some noise in a new city again. 


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The 35-year-old actress also shared a couple of pictures with the writer of the film, Kanika Dhillon. She also penned a heartfelt note for Kanika and wrote about ‘laughing through the biggest hurdles together’. 


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The first film of this franchise, Haseen Dilruba, was a tad bit predictable but it surely kept me engrossed. The love triangle and the twisted relationships in the film added a spicy tadka to the plot. While Taapsee’s chemistry with both Vikrant Massey and Harshvardhan Rane was sizzling, I thought it was hotter with the former! Vikrant also portrayed Rishu’s character with such charm that when he blurred the lines between love and toxicity, I definitely thought he could be forgiven! The innocence that Rani feigns every time she is accused of murder and how she quotes her favourite author to distract the cops proves why Taapsee owned the film! 

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So much took place in Haseen Dillruba, it has obviously excited me about the second part, Phir Aayi Haseen Dilruba. I can’t wait to know how is Rani going to machao tehelka and at the cost of whose life!

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