Sukhee Review: Shilpa Shetty Film On A Housewife’s Journey Of Rediscovery Tries Too Hard, Feels Cliché

Performances were average!
Sukhee Review: Shilpa Shetty Film On A Housewife’s Journey Of Rediscovery Tries Too Hard, Feels Cliché
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A housewife never gets a day off! It is a 24*7 job but an unpaid one and probably demands more sacrifices than your corporate jobs. If you choose to become a housewife rather than opting for a career, be ready to be frowned upon. Shilpa Shetty starrer Sukhee, directed by Sonal Joshi and produced by Bhushan Kumar has a similar point to make. It navigates through the journey of a homemaker who rediscovers her true self and her worth by the end of the film. The film also stars Chaitanya Choudhary, Kusha Kapila, Amit Sadh, Dilnaz Irani and Nitanshi Goel in pivotal roles. While Sukhee did have sweet moments that instantly light up your face, the film also stretches to a point when it becomes preachy and as per the rule book! Here’s our review for Sukhee that will help you decide whether to watch it or not!

Plot And Character 

Shilpa Shetty (Sukhee) plays a Punjabi housewife who is dedicated to serving her husband and daughter selflessly but lowkey misses her old self a lot. Chaitanya Choudhary plays Sukhee’s husband, Nitanshi Goel is the daughter, Kusha Kapila and Dilnaz Irani play Sukhee’s childhood besties, and Amit Sadh is seen in the role of a school friend. In the first half, the narrative establishes the difference between Sukhee’s personality as a young free-spirited girl and the transformation in her character as a housewife. The story revolves around Sukhee’s monotonous life as a housewife in which she constantly fights the urge to bring back her old self that she lost because of marital and child responsibilities. A school reunion becomes the only hope of cherishing the good old days with friends and Sukhee tries to convince her husband for the same. The plot further develops to show how the protagonist breaks through the shackles of a life in which she has forgotten her self-worth. Sukhee’s childhood friends become an important part of this journey towards rediscovery and Amit Sadh is the green flag that comes into her life as a second chance, but does she accept him? 


Shilpa Shetty as Sukhee is quite pleasant and likeable. However, her character as a housewife was not impactful enough to build an emotional connection with the audience. Because of the weak storyline, the actress had quite little to showcase as an actor. Even in her emotional moments, it is quite difficult to resonate with her struggles as an audience because the storytelling lacked the seriousness with which this topic could have been explored. Chaitanya Chowdhary as the guy who became a toxic husband after marriage did a commendable job is presenting himself as the character that we hate on-screen. Kusha Kapila as the childhood bestie is natural and effortless in creating funny moments with her random punchlines. Amit Sadh gives justice to his character, and Nitanshi Goel as Sukhee’s daughter will remind you of Shashi’s daughter in English Vinglish!

What Works?

Sukhee is a light-hearted film that tries to highlight the sacrifices and selfless nature of a housewife that is not valued in society, the way it should be. The comic one-liners by Kusha Kapila’s character Meher act as a relief for the audience from the overstretched storyline. Also, some moments between Shilpa and Kusha as old buddies are quite heartwarming! The efforts to show the toxic nature of a man who takes his wife for granted and someone whom he had once loved is explored perfectly through Chaitanya’s character. There is one song in the film Nasha and you might enjoy it on the big screen because of Shilpa’s graceful dance!

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What Doesn’t Work?

Sukhee tries too hard to make you understand the contribution of a housewife in a family. In the process, the plot becomes a stereotypical way of showcasing the central character’s journey of realising her self-worth. To do so, some very superficial moments are added in the film just to show how some characters go through a change of heart only to realise Sukhee’s worth in their lives. These moments might just make you say “What, really?” The Sonal Joshi directorial tries to tick all the boxes in making this film a half-baked cliche story about a housewife, that makes you yawn in some moments. The second half is quite literally stretched and some unnecessary moments make it boring too. The biggest problem is in the way Sukhee’s character is written. The inner conflict of a woman who regrets marrying a man out of love, or living a life in which she has lost the sense of her own identity is a character that not was written and presented to its potential. So much so, that after a point it loses the relatibilty factor too! At least, Sushmita’s perfect eye makeup at home could have been made less obvious!


Sonal Joshi’s Sukhee starring Shilpa Shetty and Kusha Kapila is an average watch that has a lacklustre and stereotypical storyline. For some, the ending might also be disappointing! If you want to see Shilpa and Kusha’s endearing moments on the big screen, then Sukhee could be a preferable one-time watch! It released in theatres on September 22, Friday!

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