Exclusive: School Of Lies Actor Nimrat Kaur Reveals She Finds THIS Scene Of Pankaj Tripathi Very Special

Even She Is A Fan Of Pankaj Tripathi!

In the world of Disney+ Hotstar, a thrilling series called School of Lies has captured audiences’ attention. Nimrat Kaur takes the lead, accompanied by talented actors such as Aamir Bashir, Geetika Vidya Ohlyan, and Sonali Kulkarni. During an exclusive conversation with Hauterrfly, Nimrat Kaur shared her experience working on the show and couldn’t help but express her admiration for another remarkable actor.


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Nimrat Kaur recounted a memorable moment when she caught a glimpse of Pankaj Tripathi in the song Bidi Jalaile from the film Omkara. It was a brief appearance, merely lasting 2 seconds, but in that short time, Nimrat sensed the extraordinary aura that Pankaj Tripathi brought to the scene, she said, “ Unko maine kuch dekha tha karte hue in that song Bidi Jalaile for 2 seconds and that’s it, and you know that this person is special,”. His talent as an actor was undeniably special, and it left a lasting impression on her. As Nimrat Kaur continues to acknowledge the incredible impact of talented actors in a scene she went back to answer the original question.


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During the interview, Nimrat Kaur was also asked about working with Geetika Vidya Ohlyan. Nimrat expressed her admiration for Geetika’s acting skills, calling her a fine actor. Unfortunately, their characters in the show didn’t have scenes together, but Nimrat wished they could have collaborated. She was particularly moved by Geetika’s performance in the film Thappad and believed that even a brief 2-second appearance can reveal someone’s special talent. Nimrat eagerly awaited the chance to work with Geetika on the show and hoped their paths would cross in the future.


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The series was released on Disney+Hotstar on 2nd June 2023 and revolves around Shakti, a 12-year-old boy who mysteriously vanishes from a boarding school. As the plot unfolds, chaos ensues as dark secrets about the school and its inhabitants are unearthed, revealing horrifying truths hidden in the depths of the hostel.

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