Nimrat Kaur Pens A Hard-Hitting Note On How People Passed Comments On Her Weight Gain For ‘Dasvi’

Bollywood actress Nimrat Kaur has once again won the hearts of the audience with her impressive performance in Dasvi. The film was released on Netflix on April 7, 2022, and the viewers cannot get enough of the actor’s performances in it. The Airlift actor has shared a long and lengthy post on Instagram on how she had to gain weight for her role in Dasvi which lead to people commenting on it and ‘advising’ her on what to eat and what not to eat.

Nimrat Kaur On Gaining Weight

In a hard-hitting Instagram post, Nimrat Kaur has shared a photo collage of her pre and post gaining weight for the film. She said that along this journey a few people had commented on what they thought was right or wrong for her to eat. She also wrote that she would purposely not tell people why she has been eating a high-calorie meal. She writes, “On purpose, not always would I declare the ‘why’ behind what I was looking like or consuming. But always did I observe the ease with which people made my ‘larger than usual’ body and/or meal their business. I could’ve been unwell, under medication, hormonally battling something, or quite simply very happy to eat and be me whatever size that was.”


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According to a report by Hindustan Times, Nimrat has said that she hasn’t consciously stayed away from Bollywood. She was last in the 2016 film Airlift and soon after she went on to work on a TV series titled Wayward Pines. Kaur adds that she genuinely wanted to pick up more projects but things didn’t fall in place for some and at times she did not get the right project she wanted to work on. The 40-year-old actress also went on to add that she believes no matter whichever project she takes up or however long it takes, there will be a space in the audience’s mind for her.

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