Exclusive: Nimrat Kaur Reveals She Once Lied To Her Mom About Being Invited To SRK’s Birthday Party!

She told this lie in July!

Nimrat Kaur is gearing up for her upcoming series School Of Lies where she plays the role of a Guidance Counsellor. Directed by Paatal Lok fame director Avinash Arun, this series is set to premiere on Disney+ Hotstar on June 2. Recently, we sat down for an interesting chat with the actress about some unnecessary lies that she has told and it looks like Nimrat sure has some fun stories in her kitty including one where she involved Shah Rukh Khan in her lie!

When asked her thoughts about lies, the actress revealed that she doesn’t like being lied to. “I don’t like being lied to but (laughs) I lie sometimes. But they’re white lies, they’re harmless. They’re not anything that will harm anyone. They’re sometimes said because it’s convenient. It’s something like when you’re like ‘Arey yaar, I don’t want this confrontation right now and it’s easier to just say this and get it over with’ stuff like that. And I also know when someone is lying to me. If it’s a cute lie, you let it go. If it’s a serious lie then it becomes tricky but lies exist everywhere, ” said Nimrat Kaur. 


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So, we asked School Of Lies star Nimrat Kaur to share one of the most unnecessary lies she told. Giving us some deets about her teen years, the actress shared,” So, I had to go I need permission to go out partying when I was in college and I told my mum. When I came back she was awake and it was very late and I couldn’t think of anything else. So, I just made up a lie that it was Shah Rukh Khan’s birthday and he invited me to his farmhouse in Chattarpur. I made up a complete story and she bought it.”


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Laughing about the incident, the actress reveled that her mom is still very gullible and buys everything. “Clearly, when you buy a story like that. And she was like ‘what!’ and I was like ‘Haan, unhone invite kiya aapko pata hai’. And at this point I’m a 16 or 17-year-old and she bought everything so, that was completely unnecessary. I don’t know why I had to drag him into my lie. Him celebrating his birthday in July. My mother obviously didn’t know anything. Completely unnecessary tha, main kuch bhi bol sakti thi,” concluded the School Of Lies actor.

About School Of Lies

This Disney+ Hotstar series revolves around the case of a missing 12-year-old boy from a boarding school. The investigation into this case of a missing boy triggers a chain of events and dark secrets begin unravelling and nothing is as it is seems as lies start surfacing.


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Nimrat Kaur starrer School Of Lies is set to air on Disney+ Hotstar from June 2 onwards.

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