Kangana Ranaut Spins Communal Angle To Her Opinions On Pathaan’, Renames It “Indian Pathaan”

Not again, Kangana!
Kangana Ranaut Spins Communal Angle To Her Opinions On Pathaan’, Renames It “Indian Pathaan”

Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone’s Pathaan is not just raging at the box office but on all social media platforms too. It’s just Pathaan, its reviews and the success of the movie that everyone is talking about. And the biggest critic of Bollywood, Kangana Ranaut also said a few words of praise for the film at a recent event. However, a day later, Kangana has some contradictory opinions about the film, that she has shared on social media. It’s communal once again!


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Kangana Ranaut has always used her social media accounts to boldly put out her opinions to the world. And she is back doing the same on her Twitter handle. On January 27, Friday, Kangana Ranaut who is soon going to be seen in her upcoming film Emergency, shared some of her opinions on Pathaan’s success. The actress gave the credit for it to all the Indians buying the tickets. She wrote that a country which has 80 per cent population of Hindus is making a film titled “Pathaan”, a huge success. 

In fact, she went ahead to write that Pathaan is a movie that shows Pakistan and ISIS in a “Good light” and even after this, it is doing well. She further explains that this was just because of the “Spirit of India”. Giving it more of a communal angle, Kangana Ranaut also wrote that no matter what, the chant that will always echo in the country will be “Jai Shree Ram”.

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The Emergency actress also gave a new name to Pathaan, “Indian Pathaan”. In this tweet, Kangana compared the Indian Muslims to Afghan Pathans, and wrote that the former is much better and different from the latter and going to the Pathaan’s storyline, it was better to give it the title, “Indian Pathaan”.

Kangana Ranaut also called out comedian Atul Khatri for one his of political commentaries on Pathaan. She wrote that the film industry should condemn such political jokes if they don’t want to get into trouble for political propaganda.


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Kangana Ranaut could not hold back her actual and detailed opinion on Pathaan and finally let it out. It’s rather confusing to see whether she is happy about the film doing great at the box office because it has potential or she is trying to make some point here that contradicts her positive opinions about the film. And why is the communal angle always present in all her opinions?

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