Kangana Ranaut Again Shares Cryptic Post To Challenge People Who’ve Been Spying On Her

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Kangana Ranaut Again Shares Cryptic Post To Challenge People Who’ve Been Spying On Her

On February 5, Sunday, the Emergency actress Kangana Ranaut made headlines for a cryptic post on her social media platform. In a long note, the actress accused the paparazzi of spying on her. In fact, Kangana did not say the name of any celebrity, but she hinted at being spied on by some B-Town actor and his wife. In another social media post, Kangana Ranaut has given an update on the scenario and also on her well-being because many of her fans were concerned about that. 


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On Feb 6, Monday morning, Kangana Ranaut again used social media as the medium to connect with her fans about this problem of spying that apparently she has been facing for a long time. In her new post, Kangana Ranaut wrote that after her last post, no “Suspicious activity” has taken place near her house, and no pap was also spotted following her. In fact, in this post, Kangana Ranaut went a little more blunt and sharp with her words. She also wrote a Hindi phrase which meant that sometimes more blunt steps need to be taken for making people hear loudly. The Queen actress also wrote that there are people who consider her to be crazy but they do not know her level of craziness. 

The actress in her previous post mentioned a “Mafia Nepo” and his wife without telling the name. However, the Internet decoded her cryptic post and based on the details provided by her, users concluded that she was talking about Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt.

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Kangana Ranaut was also all over the news for her controversial opinions on the success of Sidharth Anand’s Pathaan. She even had a little clash with social media influencer Uorfi Javed on this but well that ended on a good note. The actress will be seen in her upcoming film Emergency which will release on October 20, 2023.

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We still don’t know who is on the other side of Kangana Ranaut’s war!

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