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Kangana Ranaut Says An Actor Is Spying On Her, People Are Theorising She Means Ranbir Kapoor

February 06, 2023 | by Janvi Manchanda

If there’s one actor who calls a spade a spade and is known for her outspoken and straightforward behaviour, it’s actress Kangana Ranaut. She’s also known for stirring up controversies every now and then with her statements. And now the actress had made a shocking allegation against a popular actor. Taking to Instagram, the Manikarnika actress shared a long note to reveal that she is being spied on.


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In her long note on Instagram stories, Kangana Ranaut shared that paparazzi appear wherever she goes and that they have put up cameras around her home terrace and other areas to capture her. The actress pointed out that the paps these days need to be tipped off where the actor is for them to click them and some of them even charge money to capture celebs. She further shared that neither she nor her team is tipping off the paparazzi so how do they know where she is? She also questioned how they are aware of her routine.

Kangana Ranaut further went on to claim that she’s “certain” that her Whatsapp data is being leaked along with her personal and professional information. The actress also shared that according to her all this is being orchestrated by a “nepo mafia clown” who is known to be a womaniser. She revealed that the actor once came to her place uninvited and tried to force himself upon her. The Queen actress stated that the actor is now married and forces his wife to become a producer and do more female-centric films. The actress further added that the actor makes his wife dress up like her and they even designed the interiors of their home like hers and even hired her stylists and interior decorators who then stopped working with her.

Dropping a hint on who the alleged actor is, Kangana Ranaut shared that his wife is encouraging his behaviour and went as far as wearing the same saree at her wedding, that Kangana had worn for her brother’s wedding reception. Calling it “beyond creepy”, the actress pointed out that coincidentally she had a fallout with a designer who has been friends with her for over a decade and the designer had been working with the couple. Sharing her anger, Kangana said that her business partners and financers are calling off their deals which she believes is an attempt by the actor to isolate her.

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Kangana Ranaut also made some allegations about how the actor treats his wife. She said that the actor keeps his wife on a separate floor in their home while suggesting that the actress refuse the arrangement and take steps to keep an eye on her husband to ensure her and her baby’s safety. She concluded her note by sharing love and blessings for the actress and her newborn.


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For the unversed, Alia Bhatt’s wedding saree happens to be similar to the one worn by Kangana Ranaut at her brother’s wedding reception. Further, Ranbir Kapoor’s very public dating history has led to him being called a womaniser. No wonder these notes shared by Kangana have fans debating that the unnamed actor is Ranbir Kapoor.

Kangana’s IG Story from BollyBlindsNGossip

In a Reddit thread, internet users pointed out that the Dhaakad actress often posts videos and Instagram stories that give away her routine while adding that she has house help who could be informing paparazzi about her comings and goings.

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Several users also spoke about how Kangana Ranaut’s behaviour hints at mental health issues and pointed out that she needs help before she goes on a bender.

One user also shared an alleged horror story of what it was like to work with the actress.

Well, TBH, her behaviour is starting to make people wonder if she’s spiralling and that sure is concerning.

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